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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What have I done?

Getting in the habit of following the morning instructions I have been receiving from my guides, led me to send an online message to a person who means the world to me. The words I composed were well thought out and were meant to express my deepest feelings. Our relationship, as it was, needed to end so that a brand new one could begin. As I write this it reminds me of a butterfly in the last stage of pushing its way out of the cocoon. Does it pause, look back and ask, "what have I done?"

Everything was going well until I noticed the person in question had sent me a reply, which I have yet to open.

You can probably guess the why of that. It can be answered in one word- fear!

I believe we both knew it was well past the time for things to change and one of us had to put that thought into words. Apparently that someone was me. Who knew I was that brave? Certainly not me!

I know that for every act there is a reaction. I also know I am only responsible for what I do not for what anyone else does. Why couldn't I have been given a gift of mind reading instead of taking spirit photos? Is it too late to trade I wonder?

Sometime in the next day or so I am going to have to stop asking "what have I done?", open the message and find the answer to that question.


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  2. There was no need to worry because as it turned out the person, being true to form, left no message at all. Whew glad that is over! Now on to the rest of my life.