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Sunday, June 22, 2014

One more time

Wow the universal energy floating around is causing some interesting situations in my current life. It could be because mercury is still in retrograde or perhaps it is yet another test to see how far I have come on my evolvement journey. It does seem that I have been here before.

First was the unexpected move in of my oldest son. I knew it was going to happen eventually I just expected more warning. Next was the computer modem problem immediately followed by the fact that my living room TV suddenly stopped working. My son again came to my rescue and crawled under the house to replace the cable cord that had been there since 1980, thus saving me the expense of calling a Comcast repairman. We have power!

While under the house, my son, noticed a water pipe leaking. At the moment it isn't a huge problem, but it would have become one. I called a plumber who will repair it in a day or so. Nobody wants a plumber to come on the weekend!

Next I got a phone call informing me that my writing camp co-worker will be in the hospital all week because she just had surgery to remove a tumor she didn't know she had.

I was sorry to hear this as she is a very nice lady and the kids love her. The news brought back a recent conversation in which I said, "I can't do this alone". She replied, "Yes you can." Now I have no choice!

Over the weekend I was also informed that my grandson who is one of the loyal camp participants is not going to be here for the second week of the program. He is going to spend the next month with an uncle and aunt in Georgia. My first reaction to this news was not good. Then I realized what a great educational opportunity this will be for him. He is going to be in Phylidelphia for July 4th. Can't get much closer to real history than that! So I wish him well and hope he has a wonderful trip.

So as I ready myself one more time for the last week of the 2014 writing camp tomorrow I can't help reflecting on the things that have happened during the last week. Ordinarily I would have been more than a little upset, but I am not. Perhaps it is because I see the pattern of opportunities to grow one more time.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ask me anything

I found out one not only has to ask the right question of the right person, but determination helps too!

After my son moved in and tried to use his computer we discovered my internet reception was not working properly. Two calls to my provider pretty much told us I needed a new modem. Wonderful! We have no computer store in Grants now and I decided not to order one from Century Link because it would have taken days to have it shipped. They did not inform us that they wanted us to order from them, when a representative gave us the password and login to install a new modem. If they had I would have done that.

\ Instead we ordered another brand from Best Buy which clearly said that it was compatable with my provider's system. Yesterday we made the 150 mile round trip to Albuquerque to pick up the modem, returned and after trying to install it, we once again had to call my provider for help. We needed the password and login again. The representative gave us the wrong one and we were right back where we had started from. Except now I had a new modem that wouldn't work and I could not return it because the package had been opened. One might say I was pissed off!

This morning I told my son I refuse to make another call to this company and talk to another idiot. I chose to use their chat site, where I simply stated what I needed and waited for an answer. After about half an hour I was given exactly what we needed, no questions, no shit, just the facts!

Within a few minutes the new modem was installed and is working just fine. Instead of a speed of 800 I am now getting over 1500.

All I needed was to ask the right question of the right person- with added determination!

One good thing about our trip to Albuquerque was that we dropped off 3 large bags containing clothes my son needed to get rid of at Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Yay!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Moving in

My son and his dog, Leia, have been here for about a day and a half. The moving truck was returned yesterday and everything is either stored or in its proper room. I am trying to ignore the fact that those rooms now have boxes yet to be emptied and clothes etc. scattered around. That's hard for someone who has spent years eliminating clutter. Do I really need another lesson in acceptance? I don't think so!

There is one box, containing important stuff, including his cell phone charger that is still missing. Electronic equipment such as his large screen TV and computers are having some problems getting used to New Mexico. He was applying for a job online a little while ago and his computer crashed. Personally I'm blaming it on Mercury!

The animals seem to be adjusting to each other. At least they are not trying to kill each other! The only problem so far is trying to keep their food seperated. Leia is an older dog on a special diet and medication. Ejay would pretty much eat anything if given a chance.

I suppose things will work out eventually. I have heard via the universal grapevine that when one does something nice for someone the energy comes back. One can only hope!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just when I thought everything was set

Today marks the third day of our two week children's Writing Camp. As of last week, I thought I had at least the first week set. That was until I got a phone call from my co-worker informing me that the person scheduled to focus on art today would need to postpone until the second week of the camp. His partner had a heart attack. He did offer a substitute who turned out to be a wonderful local artist. She not only provided the students with something to write about, but also gave them an opportunity to learn to paint with water colors.

This years camp is giving me a personal opportunity to realize that I still need to relax and allow room for change. My co-worker and I are a good fit. I admit that I am a perfectionist and she is a whatever happens person.

Because our camp is free the number of kids we have each day varies. Since the parents aren't paying attendance is not taken as seriously as if they were. We have debated about charging a fee and decided not to because our goal is to offer help and not make a profit. This is our third year so we don't feel we can change that now. We are still debating about doing a fourth year.

Not knowing who will participate from day to day is a little disturbing to me, although I am trying to adopt my co-worker's attitude of whatever happens- happens. I have done my best to come up with things to inspire others, the rest is not up to me.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

From the inside out

I recently sent a message to a person who has been an important road block on my current path. Try as I might I have not been able to let go of the spiritual energy I have with this being. The message I sent was, "I apologize for not being able to accept who you are in this life time". I always seem to take responsibility for things that are not really my fault. I'm still working on that.

Several things have happened since the message was sent that have caused me to look at the situation from a different view. Perhaps one might say I now see it from the inside out.

Those who have read my blog for any length of time are aware that I believe in reincarnation and completly accept the fact that we never die. There are many accounts of exactly where we go when our life as a human has ended, but the details really don't matter. The fact is that our souls are alive for an eternity. We have many close soul relationships in that other realm. They are sometimes referred to as soulmates. We come to earth time after time to assist in each others evolvement. The role/part we play changes each life time.

I believe that when we get to the point of remembering that simple fact we are set free to love and live in peace.

It certainly explains to me why it no longer matters who this human person is in this lifetime. It really is none of my business and does not deminish our "real" soul relationship in any way. It doesn't even matter whether or not the other person ever wakes up and sees what I do. It only matters what I see from the inside out.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The spirits speak

Six days before my life changes yet again and my son, Jeff, moves in, bag, baggage and dog. I have spent the last week cleaning out closets etc. to make room for the change. The last room to be rearranged was originally called the "new room" when it was built as an addition to my house in 1980. Until now it has never fully realized its potential.

When I had finished working on it something caused me to take pictures of the room, which will now give Jeff a space of his own to chill out or whatever he chooses to do. It will also allow me to keep my living room area as it is, allowing me my own space to hang out. The pictures I took caused a wow on my part. I have always been aware of spiritual energy in my home, but the number of orbs in the pictures was amazing and I took it as a yes this is exactly what I was supposed to do. You can judge for yourself.

The kitchen will be community space and thank goodness Jeff also likes to cook. Perhaps that is an inherited gift from my father, who was a chef and at one time owned his own restaurant in Olympia, WA, called the "Cracker Box" . I was just a child and my memories are of the juke boxes on the tables. My favorite song was, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". For some reason I also remember a friend of my parents who used to pretend to eat napkins. Strange what we remember from the past.

It seems the spirits are speaking loud and clear. All I have to do is listen and follow their lead.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This old house

My manufactured home was purchased new in 1976 by my former husband's parents because he couldn't find a job in California and without any other options we moved to New Mexico. I remember our furniture etc. being shipped ahead and stored in my in-laws garage until our new house was set up.They graciously made room for our family of 4, which included sons ages 15 and 10, in their home during the wait. This old house has seen a lot of changes during its 38 year history.

In a recent conversation with the son who will be moving in with me in a couple of weeks, he made the comment that he has never lived in Grants, NM. It made me laugh until I realized he was absolutely right! Although he lived in this house for 4 years before graduating from Grants High School and joining the Army in 1979, he never lived in Grants.

How can that be you might ask?

The house, complete with contents was moved from the Laguna Indian Reservation in 1980, when my daughter was 10 months old. You can do that when you live in a manufactured home!

Sometimes life does seem to be going around in a circle. My son is getting his own room back, once shared with his younger brother, for the very same reason it was purchased in the first place. He has not been able to find employment in the state he is moving from. Oddly, because of his background and experiences there are job opportunities here that only a few could fill.

I'm kind of thinking my former in-laws are sitting around with other deceased family members with big smiles on their faces.

Mary and Wally you did good when you purchased this "old" house and I for one am very grateful that you did. Thank you for your generousity!