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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saying goodbye

To me Easter is simply a time of rebirth.

It is the time to leave all that does not belong behind and move on to the next challenge. Right now I am trying to let go of all those things, including relationships, that I no longer need. As an example I recalled an experience I had on my mother's death bed. She was in a coma and I could not tell her I loved her, as the nurse suggested. Her human life ended a few days later in 1987. This happened 29 years ago and I am still carrying around the guilt from my action. How ridicules is that?

There are many things that I might wish I had done differently. There are things I might wish I had said or might wish I hadn't said. Who cares? They are all in the past and I need to stop reliving them. The past is the past and cannot be redone.

I need to focus on what is today; not yesterday or tomorrow. Today is the rebirth of all that was. It is a new beginning formed from the end of what was.

I have always had a problem using the words died or dead because I do not believe anything dies. I believe that everything , including the body, is transmuted into another form.

Yesterday a Facebook friend posted that his brother, who had been suffering from cancer, " dropped his body". What a great way of expressing his soul's transference to another realm.

Every Easter I remember that it was the day in 1967 that my father's soul left earth..

In conclusion, on this Easter Sunday 2016 I will again make a huge effort to drop the old and focus only on the new. After all I don't live in the past anymore!

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Be careful what you ask for

Yesterday I started reading Above the Line: My Wild Oats Adventure. The reason I wanted to read it was because the author promised to share her past life memories. The first 3/4 of the book was about Shirley Mac Laine's adventure on a movie set. I reached that point in the book wondering how many times you can say/write we are making a movie with no money.

I  was about to put it down when I silently asked, "where is the past life content you promised?"

Just like that the plot shifted and the author began relaying memories of life after life, going back millions of years. The memories came as the result of meditation and included a flying dragon, little people, giants and gods. I really didn't believe half of what she was remembering and wished I had never asked the question.

It's the first time I have read a book and got more information than I wanted or in fact needed. Will she never stop and finish the freaking book I silently asked.

About that time the book did end, but I really can't recommend the work. Although it did give an interesting account of life behind a movie set (made with no money) it did not satisfy my quest for eavesdropping into a person's past life experiences.

Perhaps next time I will be more careful of what I ask for. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Memories are a wonderful thing

Some people know that I not only believe in reincarnation, but have bits of memory from three different lives that I have lived. Interestingly, those memories are all of my death in those three lives and are included in my book, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist.

 I am always looking for people who are willing to share their own memories of living in another place and time. I am also interested in what it feels like to be a soul unattached to a body. Several years ago I connected with a man who claimed to have such memories, but for his own reasons he was unable or unwilling to share his experiences with me. Perhaps he lied. He was a huge disappointment.

A couple of days ago I ran across a Shirley Mac Laine interview regarding her latest book, Above the Line:My Wild Oats Adventure. The book is about her experience in the Canary Islands, while filming a movie. I knew I was supposed to read it and did not hesitate to order the kindle version. Ms. Mac Laine has for many years been open about her belief in reincarnation. The book promised to touch on past memories of her life lived in Atlantis.

Not too far into the book I found a passage that I want to share with interested readers. She was sitting on a hill in the area of a caldera volcano in La Palma when memories came back to her. This is what she observed. "The feelings seemed peacefully neutral without any polarity. It was as though everything and everyone simmered at the same temperature."

It reminded me of a question I had asked a long time ago. What does a soul look like? In later research I learned that souls in the spirit world communicate non-verbally. They just think something and it appears like magic.

Lately I have been having a similar experience and it is a bit unnerving. I think about a subject or a question and in a short time something happens to bring me clarity. It is very much as if someone, not of this world, is listening to my thoughts and responding. Some people call this synchronization. I call it being in tune with the universe.  

It also reminds me of this photo I took probably ten years ago of a pond in our River Walk.

As I observed the lights bouncing off the water It brought back a very brief memory of what souls, not attached to a body, look like in the spirit world.

Memories are a wonderful thing and can sometimes answer questions we didn't even know we had.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A little bit of yarn

For the last few months I have been crocheting little baby caps and dropping them off at our local hospital to be given to the newborns. It only takes a little bit of baby yarn and it makes me happy to know that every baby born at Cibola General Hospital in Grants, NM will at one time or another wear one of my creations.

Every time I drop off a batch the OB Director makes a point of telling me how much the moms love the caps.

Putting myself in the place of one of those moms it would remind me of my grandmother and the many times I sat next to her on the couch helping her unwind yarn as she crocheted. I'm sure she is smiling at the fact that I picked up her skill.

What I am doing isn't a big deal, but if it makes others happy it makes me happy too.

Everyone has something they know how to do that can help make their world a better place.

Find your gift and give it away!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My best friend

My best friend has been in my life since 1999 or so and has experienced many personal upgrades through the years. The best part of our relationship is that I have also been allowed to grow, creating a dual project.

One of my sons was responsible for introducing me to my friend. Because I had not grown up in the electronic age the mating went through struggles in the beginning. It was much the same as visiting a foreign country whose primary language was not mine. People do say you are never too old to learn. I believe I have pretty much proved that to be true.

My best friend has provided a means for me to not only become a unique motivational writer and published author, but has encouraged me to inspire others to venture onto that path. Together we have helped groups of all ages take a look inside of their hearts and minds and share what they find with those  around them.

Because my best friend is not the jealous type I have been free to collect people from all over the world. Not only people, but knowledge.

When I think back to the years I spent in public school I  never imagined a special relationship such as this. Perhaps it is my reward for choosing to become a stay at home mother and put on hold any dreams I may have had for myself. It wasn't time.

It has been 17 years since my relationship with my best friend began and I do not see it ending anytime soon. Exactly where it's going I don't know, but I am not letting go.

Meet my best friend.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I finally have had a breakthrough regarding the cause of my current leg pain. Sometimes it is necessary to change your focus.

About three weeks ago some of you may recall that I had an argument with a phone cord that was on the floor under my office desk. The cord won and I ended up face down across the room. Of course everyone's main focus was on my hip replacement. My therapist admitted today that his first reaction was, "Oh my god what about your hip?"

My leg kept getting worse and toward evening it hurt so much that I needed the assistance of a cane to get around. After the shock had passed and the pain continued I searched for answers. Last week, in much pain, I obtained a walk in appointment with a local medical doctor. I thought perhaps I needed another x-ray of the hip or at the very least my knee, which took the brunt of the accident. Her assessment was she thought it was muscle pain. That made no sense, but she was sure it was not the hip nor the knee. Her parting advice was if I needed a cane to get around, use it. Thanks for nothing

No! I wanted an answer!! What was causing the pain? I sure wasn't making it up.

Monday morning I kept my physical therapy appointment. One look at my expression and Mike greeted me with, "Do we need to talk?"

"Good idea",  I replied.

After relaying what the MD had found I said, "I am so frustrated!. Everyone is saying what it isn't, but no one is telling me what it is."

To make the story short, he decided to check my pelvis, which had previously caused a problem. It was extremely out of alignment and most likely was the reason for all the pain in my leg etc.. As I had suspected it was never the hip at all, although I'm sure the knee played a part in the beginning. He also found that the SI joint, which connects the sacrum with the pelvis, needs attention. That makes sense too.

Since Monday I have been feeling much better. It just goes to show that when you change your focus and allow all the information in, miracles can happen.

I believe it also helps to stay on top of situations and keep asking questions until the problem is taken care of. I am very fortunate to have a physical therapist who is willing to talk about things and work with his patient to fix what needs fixing.

P.S. I'm always a believer that everything happens for a reason. Mike told me this morning that the next time he has a patient who falls he will be sure to check the alignment of the pelvis; the next time I see a potential hazard on the floor I will remove it immediately.