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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Be careful what you ask for

Yesterday I started reading Above the Line: My Wild Oats Adventure. The reason I wanted to read it was because the author promised to share her past life memories. The first 3/4 of the book was about Shirley Mac Laine's adventure on a movie set. I reached that point in the book wondering how many times you can say/write we are making a movie with no money.

I  was about to put it down when I silently asked, "where is the past life content you promised?"

Just like that the plot shifted and the author began relaying memories of life after life, going back millions of years. The memories came as the result of meditation and included a flying dragon, little people, giants and gods. I really didn't believe half of what she was remembering and wished I had never asked the question.

It's the first time I have read a book and got more information than I wanted or in fact needed. Will she never stop and finish the freaking book I silently asked.

About that time the book did end, but I really can't recommend the work. Although it did give an interesting account of life behind a movie set (made with no money) it did not satisfy my quest for eavesdropping into a person's past life experiences.

Perhaps next time I will be more careful of what I ask for. 


  1. Once upon a time, I tried to read her book about walking the Camino de Santiago. It was such a tough read that I finally put it down without finishing it. It was a book about her, not about the Camino - and I was looking for Camino info at the time! Ah well. I'm glad I can count on one hand the truly awful books I've (tried to) read. Hope you find the book/info you're looking for!

    1. I probably already have the information I was seeking.My reaction to the last part of this book was, "seriously!?"