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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Young Hero

I was given information this morning that a member of my writing group for kids proved himself to be a hero over the weekend. I knew this young man was special, but I had no idea just how special. He pulled his brother and sister from a burning car. He later told his father, "I didn't give up, I saved them." All three children suffered first degree burns and their mother died in the accident. The details are still being investigated, but they do not change the fact that we have a real live hero in our midst.

As we journey through our life we never know at what moment we may be called upon to be a hero. We might not literally save another's life, but heroism comes in all forms. Just like miracles they are not little or big, they just are. When our chance comes to be a hero, we can jump in and help or we can stand by and watch. The choice is always left up to us.

I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to touch a real life hero who is only twelve years old. Great job Timmy I am extremely proud of you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Step Back and Observe

This has been an interesting weekend. So far the Universe has given me several experiences that have allowed me to step back and observe how far I have come.

The indoor yard sale yesterday proved beneficial in many ways. Considering how little I had to sell I did very well. It didn't take me long to realize that my thoughts were actually selling the things I most wanted to get rid of. When I focused on an item someone would soon come along and buy it. This realization made it a fun day.

I had no sooner told the organizer of the sale that I needed a small desk than her son-in-law brought in exactly what I had in mind. Even better he was asking $2.00. It now resides under a sunny window in my office, replacing a table I had been using. I also picked up a Dirt Devil vacuum for $4.00. Even though I had said I wasn't bringing anything home these were things I actually needed and the price was more than right.

My space was next to a woman who a few years ago appeared to be a close friend. We have since drifted apart and once in a while have lunch together. Listening to the way she talked to people on a larger scale caused me to realize why the gap has occurred in our friendship. Her thoughts are very negative. She is a gossip who constantly judges others. She is fixated on being old and uses it to make excuses for her actions. The woman is only two years older than I am and I am very grateful that I do not live her life. She is ready to die while I am ready to start living.

Last night I clicked on FB and saw that I had a message from someone I had recently removed as a friend. This man is the author of an inspirational book and has over 4,500 followers on his page. For several months I was one of them until I realized I could no longer tolerate his "almighty" attitude. Granted he has studied and compared many aspects of spiritualism for years, but he does not have all the answers. He simply has the answers he needs.

He does not allow comments from others that are in any way different from what he believes. The final straw for me was his comment "I have come to realize that facebook is not the place to wake people up." Well, mister I believe that I am awake even though I do not believe every word that originates in your brain. Guess what? I have a brain too and it came from the same source as yours.

My former friend did thank me for tuning him into seeing spirits found in photos. It led him to a new relationship with his ailing mother. I offered to send her one of my photos and he said he had already shown her the ones I offer online. He added they had discussed the subject in depth and HE was the only one she would talk to about it. I simply wanted to give her a photo she could hold in her hand.

In a previous message he had said "I understand"(referring to the reason I had deleted him). No, I do not think you do, but maybe now you get the idea? Perhaps he just isn't used to anyone thinking for their self. It reminds me of all the years I spent in church.

That's the end of my tale for today. As you can see the Universe has given me just the experiences I needed to step back and observe how far I have come. I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I have been going through my possessions with a fine tooth comb. A friend talked me into participating in an indoor yard sale this coming weekend. I kept responding, "I don't have a lot to get rid of", but she kept insisting. I finally said okay! Perhaps there is a reason that I don't know about that I am supposed to be there. The function is at my favorite haunt, our family center.

Checking out closets and drawers did produce enough stuff to make an appearance. I decided it might be a good opportunity to sell some of my published books that are still packed in a box in the back of a closet. I always thought they were overpriced anyway and they sure aren't doing anyone any good where they are residing. My price is a whole lot better than the $19.95 + shipping Publish America was asking.

The best thing about writing a "timeless" book is it doesn't get old. Even though today I may not agree with some of the thoughts expressed when the book was written, they are still my thoughts.

I can't wait to see what stuff some of the other vendors are going to come up with. No matter how enticing I do not plan to bring any of it home with me.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eat Your Veggies!

As many of you know I love to cook. One of the things I like to make most during the winter months is soup. A big batch can be divided into several containers, frozen and quickly thawed for future meals. To me soup is one of the most creative things a cook can whip up. It also uses up bits and pieces of goodies such as vegetables. You do remember being told to eat your veggies right?

Today I am sharing a couple of recipes to do just that. The first one is Roasted Vegetable Soup and came from my friend, Jan. Along with being delicious and quick to make I like it because it's one of those recipes that really isn't a recipe. It leaves much room for creativity.

The second, Roasted Cauliflower Soup I found online and is very good. Because I didn't like the white color the first time I made it I used broccoliflower this time. I also sprinkled in some dried parsley flakes in the last step to give it a little more character.

Roasted Vegetable Soup

Cut up any vegetables you happen to have in your kitchen such as: a carrot, green, yellow or red peppers, an onion, a tomato, mushrooms, squash or pumpkin.(I cut them in bite sized pieces). Toss the veggies with a little olive oil and bake in hot oven 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add to 1 pint vegetable stock and salt and pepper and simmer 10 minutes.

The amount of vegetables and stock can be adjusted depending upon the quantity needed. I used 4- 14.5 oz cans of vegetable broth and added a little lemon pepper and thyme.

Broccoliflower Soup

1 large head broccoliflower or cauliflower cut into florets
1 large onion sliced
2 cloves garlic chopped
2- 14.5 oz cans chicken broth
1 cup water
2 Tbl olive oil
1 bay leaf
1 tsp. thyme
1 cup half and half
1 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1 tsp dried parsley flakes opt.

In large roasting pan toss vegetables with olive and roast for 30 minutes in 400 degree oven, stirring halfway through.

In large saucepan combine roasted veggies, chicken broth, 1 cup water, bay leaf and thyme. Cover and simmer 20 minutes.

Discard bay leaf. In blender or food processor puree soup in batches, return to saucepan. Add half and half, salt and pepper and parsley flakes. Cook over medium heat until heated through.

Eat your veggies now so you can grow big and strong and healthy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tune Out the Noise

My exercise hour this morning was cut in half by being exposed to way too much noise. As I entered the gym to begin walking I witnessed a terrible banging coming from a young man who was shooting baskets by himself. My reaction was, oh crap! I decided to walk anyway, hoping the noise of his bouncing the ball as forcefully as humanly possible would cease when he saw he had an audience.

Dream on Barbara. The brutal attack on the basketball got worse. I wondered who was causing him to be so angry. Maybe that was just the way he always lived his life. I put up with the negative distraction for awhile and then began to notice that it was causing my body to tighten up instead of relaxing. It was then I decided to stop walking and go into the fitness room to use the upper body machines.

It made me feel happy that I refused to expose myself to negative energy coming from another person. I would not always have done that. Instead, I would have stuck it out, causing me to feel anger because someone chose an inappropriate way to deal with their problem.

Because of a friend, who has learned this same lesson from her life experiences, I am now more alert to sucking up energy that does not belong to me. She saw that I have actually done it all my life and casually mentioned it to me. I realized she was right on with her analysis. It helped me to see that I was never a negative daughter, wife or mother; I was simply consumed with energy that did not belong to me. When I finally shed it I saw my "naked self", just the way I was born to be.

From now on, thanks to my friend Maria, I intend to consciously stop absorbing the negative noise that is not me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dream Job

I found an absolutely fascinating blog this morning,, sharing the work of a woman who spent her free time from 1950 to the 1960s as a “street photographer” in Chicago. She took magnificent black and white photographs of ordinary people. She was born in France and learned English from watching American movies. Ms. Maier died in 2009. Her work of over 100,000 photos was recently discovered when her belongings were purchased at an auction.

My reaction after viewing some of her photos was what a wonderful way to live. It reminded me of a dream I once had, since put on a back burner, of traveling around the country writing stories about the people I met on my journey. It is an expanded version of the over 50 stories I wrote as a human interest columnist. I had the unique ability of interviewing someone, finding their essence and sharing it on a single page of text.

It was probably the most fulfilling job I have ever had, but it had to end. I had more learning to do myself before I could continue. I remember thinking back then that if I had the money I would invest it in people, not things. In addition I had to get past the ridiculous idea that it was my job to fix other people and their problems. It was no doubt left over from my previous life as an overprotective mother. I also had to learn to observe without judgment and record the information without adding my personal experiences to their life.

I have run across many people who have a desire to write about their life in memoir form, allowing those they leave behind to know who they were according to them. I also believe, if given the opportunity, most people would write their own obituary. No one knows you better than yourself. I keep mine up to date, just for that reason and I will be watching to see what happens when I leave here!

Apparently, my dream is still alive and I thank you Ms. Maier, wherever you are, for reminding me. The only thing holding it up is that little/big word- money!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Not All For You

Thinking about the available resources in the world today that can enrich learning and evolving makes my head spin. It is like the universe suddenly dumped an enormous storage container and all it's knowledge spilled out for us to pick and choose what is just right for us.

When the title of this post came to me my first thought reminded me of an experience with my ex-husband. Sometimes things pop up with no explanation, that's just the way my mind works. I blame it on my muse!

We had a son that worked part time at Baskin-Robbins and as a family we would occasionally stop by to enjoy the treats. My husband would almost always select a vanilla cone, while I eagerly anticipated trying the newest flavor. Maybe that's why we are no longer together!

Many of my Facebook friends are spiritually evolved individuals and I truly enjoy learning from the information they freely offer through their photos, posts and websites. It feels right to be in their company. I allow my intuition to lead me in deciding what to accept and what not to accept, realizing that not everything offered is for me.

Recently I checked out a mass website regarding energy that was being offered on 1/19/11. My intuition said do it and I tuned into a previously recorded tape. It did not take long for me to suspect I was in a foreign land and the person was speaking a language I did not fully understand. Being stubborn and not willing to admit I may have made a mistake, I continued to participate.

When it was over I did not feel the positive energy that the speaker had promised. I felt tired from trying to access something that really was not meant for me. The experience was not wasted. I believe it was meant to teach me what I do not need. Possibly because I stuck it out I did absorb some of the positive energy. Only time will tell.

I truly believe that we are all given our own box of tools and when we learn to listen we receive clear instructions on just how to use them. Not everyone is going to benefit from the gifts we have been given, but those who do are the exact souls we are meant to touch and encourage to evolve.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Perfect Match

A male friend of mine seems to believe that there is no such thing as a “soulmate” and I disagree with him. I truly believe that even though we all come from the same source and have unique gifts to share, there are souls that match more perfectly than others. I believe part of the cause of our difference of opinion is that my choice of the word “perfect” was misinterpreted by my friend.

He pointed out that he and his wife are not a perfect match; each having their own likes and dislikes, but because they have put in the work they have a perfect relationship. He went on to say, “We give ALL our love to each other.”

I have some problems with what he said. Last things first- our love is not meant to be given to just one person, not even when that person is our self. Love is meant to be shared with as many souls as possible. The more it is shared the more it grows.

Now to address the words perfect match or the man made word soulmate. A relationship of this kind does not mean that the two souls have everything in common. Far from it! It means, to me at least, that the souls are so perfectly balanced with each other that the very presence of one in the other’s life inspires evolvement. Often the differences are exactly what both need to grow.

A gift of this magnitude should be met with extreme gratitude for it is rare. It doesn’t require work. It flows naturally and only requires conscious awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of both souls. I recently found a quote that sums up how I feel about the word soulmate. “Even the closest of souls require a breath of heaven between them.”

I am ending this post by giving my friend credit for a quote he offered: “All you need to do is look for someone who has love and respect for them self. That is how they will treat you.”

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I survived!

Whew! I survived my first day of my new writing group for kids. Actually it was only an hour! It is a good thing that I usually over plan. I think that might be left over from my days as a Cub Scout den mother many moons ago.

Although I had almost twice the number of students as I had anticipated and they ranged from 1st to 6th grade, things went pretty well. They seemed to be having fun and when asked if there was anyone who really didn't want to be there, not one hand went up. Next week I will at least know who is in the group.

Possibly all my experience in Scouts, as a leader in Masonic organizations, as a school room mother and in the Foster Grandparent Program were necessary after all. I believe the biggest thing I have learned from all that volunteering is to guide and allow others to express themselves their way. All I really have to do is plant the seeds and let them grow.

If I had paid more attention to my grandmother when I was growing up I may not have had to deal with so many experiences with this subject. More than anyone else she always encouraged me and never did anything for me that I could do for myself.

When looking for a bag to carry the things I needed for the writing group, I choose a leather tote that my grandmother had made and given to me when I was a teenager. Noticing what I had done made me smile and I felt her approving energy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spirit Energy

The last couple of days have produced information about spirit energy that has added to my enlightenment. It makes me happy to share what I learn with others.

First I tuned in to my friend, Cynthia Brennen's Help, Hope & Healing radio show. Her site is on my blog roll. Her guest this week was author, Jeff Fisano who believes he is channeling the teachings of the Archangel Michael. Listening to this show is well worth anyone's time, but for me I got answers to questions I have had for awhile.

For several years I have known that I have tapped into a source that is not currently living a human life and questioned just who that might be. At one point a friend commented that she thought it was God. In the book I just finished writing I gave the credit to my spiritual guide, whom I call Richard. Moving "up" a bit, I began to think I was accessing positive information from the Archangels, Jophiel and Gabriel.

After hearing what Jeff had to say, I now know it doesn't matter at all. It isn't the messenger that I need to be concerned with; it is the message and what I am going to do with it. We are all connected because we are all energy, created as one. Reaching this point of truly understanding is something to be celebrated!

This morning I clicked on an article written by Doreen Virtue, who is a spiritual doctor of psychology and meta-physician. Her website is The article titled,"Love from the Other Side", was about communication with departed relatives and friends. I have known from personal experience that spirits do not ever die and it is quite possible to communicate with them.

There were two things that stood out for me in what she wrote. First, when we hold on to unresolved issues with the departed it not only keeps us from living our lives to the fullest, it keeps the deceased spirit from moving on with their life. Holding on is not necessary because they understand the why of what happened and do not carry grudges. Let it go. The only person being hurt is you!

The other thing that I found interesting is spirits do not see us as physical beings. Although they view us with compassion, they perceive our energy. Not too long ago I shared with a friend that I was having a problem thinking of a spirit as a spark of celestial light. Now I more fully understand that our human bodies simply cover who we really are. Everything and everyone is spirit energy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Define Hometown

I always have a hard time deciding on exactly where my hometown is. The accepted definition is where a person was born or grew up; principal place of residence. That’s really hard to pinpoint in my life.

It hardly counts that I was born in Ketchikan, Alaska while it was still a US territory. My family moved to Washington State when I was two. From then until age thirteen I lived in three different towns, none for very long. In the middle of 7th grade we settled in Seattle, where I graduated from high school, got married and became a mother to my first two children. That took about 16 years of my life. Does that count as my hometown I wonder?

Next there was another 9 years in two different towns in California. 4 more years were spent on the Laguna Indian Reservation in New Mexico; minus the first husband and adding a second and another child. Apparently they were necessary experiences!

Now for the confusing part, at least for me. Since 1980 I have lived in Grants, NM. Well that’s not exactly true. My mailing address is Grants, but technically my house is located 3 miles outside of the city limits in Cibola County. So for the last 30 years I haven’t been able to claim any town as my place of residence.

Possibly I don’t have a hometown. I wonder if it would be appropriate to answer earth the next time it comes up on a form!

Team Spirit

I have been to four youth basketball games since Friday night. It isn't that I really like the game, I love watching my grandson, Colin play sports. Being one of the smaller kids in his 3rd grade class I was surprised when he chose to play basketball. His game is soccer and he is quite good at it. This weekend his team, Magics, played in a tournament.

The team has only been playing together for a few weeks. They have only played three regular games, of which they won two. I am very impressed with their coach. He appears to be a quiet man who gets through to his team without yelling at them or chewing them out when they make mistakes. That's coach Fletcher mixing it up before the final tournament game this morning.

Although they lost the 4th game, I was proud of the way the team played. They displayed good sportsmanship during all the games and generally seemed to enjoy playing together. Often youth sports brings out the worst in kids, usually fueled by fathers who think they are the coach. I am happy to know that the Magic's basketball coach believes in stressing team spirit.

That's my little guy right up front exactly where he belongs!

Friday, January 14, 2011

What Animal Are You?

I've been having a little fun today checking out a Chinese Animal Astrology site. It matches the year of your birth with one of 12 animals. Reading all about yourself through the eyes of an animal is very insightful. The 12 animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

My animal turned out to be an ox. The positive traits listed were pretty much right on. Among the not so positive ones, were stubborn and impatient. I found it interesting that learning to be patient is one of the challenges I took on in this lifetime. I'm getting better, but I am not going to claim I am completely there yet!

Some of my famous fellow oxens were Napoleon,Vincent Van Gogh and Walt Disney. I think that is pretty good company. Napoleon is actually a very distant cousin. Many years ago I shared that fact with a teacher and she thought I was lying. After checking with my mother she apologized. Honesty is one of the positive traits of the ox!

Another fun thing to do after you learn what animal you are is to check out the compatibility with other people you know. All you need is the year they were born. In doing this I discovered why my grandson and I are so close. He is a snake and the pairing with the ox is "a great partnership, on the same wave length". Checking into this aspect of the site helped me understand why I should intentionally stay away from certain people.

If you would like to know what animal you are Google Chinese Animal Astrology and learn all about yourself. You probably won't be very surprised. I know I wasn't.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Conscious Motive

What a great day it has been so far and it's only a little after 11:00AM! It started out pretty normal, with an exercise hour at Futures (Future Foundations Family Center). This morning I was the only human in the gym as I walked. It gave my conscious mind some quite time to consult with my sub-conscious mind. I began thinking about my motive for offering a writing class/group to the kids at Futures. Wow! An interesting insight came through, followed by a wave of positive energy.

After leaving the gym I stopped by the elementary school down the street. It educates most of the kids from 8:00AM to 3:00PM who walk to Futures after school. I intended to talk to the principal about the new program, Heart to Heart Mentoring, that is being developed for the kids. I explained that the purpose was to connect adults having skills they are passionate about with children. His ears perked up and he is 100% behind our idea.

As I told him about my part in Heart to Heart Mentoring (my writing class) I felt I was communicating with someone who knew from personal experience exactly what I was talking about.

I told him that my main motive was to encourage self-esteem. I went on to state, "There are many students who simply fall through the cracks. They aren't trouble makers and maybe do not excel as the brightest student in their class. The teacher just doesn't notice them."

Surprising myself, I went on to share that I was one of those kids. I graduated from high school as a name on the school records. There probably weren't more than a half dozen students that even knew I was there. That's my motive in a nut shell! It took me 60+ years to realize that I am a whole lot smarter than I realized I was. Nobody ever encouraged that simple powerful thought.

I have been given the tools to encourage self-esteem in not one, but many children in my town, before they get into the bad habit of thinking they don't really matter. I am very excited to get started, especially since I now consciously know my motive.

Just for fun I am sharing the PR poster I created introducing my group and thank you Mr.O for sharing it with your teachers!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Are You Blind?

That question wasn't intentionally directed at you. It was mainly meant for me. Yesterday It dawned on me, with Universal assistance, that many of the things I have been asking for have already been given. I was just too blind to see them, because they did not look exactly as I had imagined them in my limited human mind.

It is a little like planting a package of flower seeds that are supposed to be red and when they come up in the spring they are bright yellow. You have two choices. Either appreciate the beautiful blossoms or pull them up by the roots because they don't look exactly like what you expected.

A couple of years ago, 4/6/09, to be exact I completed a short exercise from a self-esteem website. The instructions were to put it away for at least 6 months. I found it in my desk yesterday when I moved a container.
There were only four questions:
Something I believe is impossible is:
What would I have to believe to make this impossible?
What can I choose to believe instead to make it possible?
My statement about what is now possible: I intend to create...

Now then, the subject I was dealing with at the time was attracting a man who honestly cares about me and is on a similar journey. Time to wake up now! That man did come into my life about a year ago, but because the details I had in mind didn't match I didn't see who he was.

I wanted this man to literally be in my life. Living next door would be good. He doesn't even live in the same state for crying out loud! It is nearing another year since I put the form away and now I finally see. If I never ever meet this man in person he could not be any closer. We have a heart to heart connection that nobody else can touch and it will never die. He may not communicate as much as I imagined he would, but when he does he knows exactly what to say to touch my heart.

This realization caused me to wonder what other gifts I have received in a slightly different package than I expected. For one, I wanted to be a motivational speaker. I don't have a traditional stage, but I do have a stage to express my thoughts. I wanted a spiritual companion. The Universe went overboard here. I have attracted a number of spiritual companions as friends on Facebook. I wanted a building to teach people to use their minds and imaginations to write. My soon to be, creative writing group for kids at our family center, takes care of that one. I just didn't know the people were only going to be between 3 to 5 feet tall! They will grow!

"There are none so blind as those who cannot see." Perhaps the rest of my earth journey will be with improved vision.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Award Ceremony

I just finished reading a friend's blog post, titled "2011 Sexiest Blog Award." Although it was no doubt written as a tongue in cheek piece,it gave me something to think about. It seems I have been doing a lot of that lately. Cleaning out the negative cobwebs from my mind has made room, where none existed for years.

The blogger seemed to be of the opinion that we all need praise, accolades, and awards to humor our ego and promote our "product". In the case of bloggers that means their words in the form of a blog.

Possibly I am just a little strange! I've been told that before. I do not need awards of any kind to keep on doing what I am doing. Of course, when others tell me they like my blog it makes me feel good, but I would be writing it without their compliments.

The only reward ceremony I am looking forward to is when my book of life is reviewed. If I am told that I did the best job possible; using my God given gifts to inspire others to be the best that THEY could be, I will have fulfilled my purpose as a human.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What is a Blog Anyway?

My new "manifested" friend, Kathy asked me an unexpected question that I didn't have a very good answer for at the time. It was simply, what is a blog? The question led me to use my brain, do a little research and come up with a better answer than I originally gave her.

According to Google, the word blog is a contraction of the term "web log" and is a shared on-line journal and a blogger is a person who keeps and updates a blog. Well, that's really boring!

My improved definition is: a blog is a personal electronic stage for free spirited writers to share their thoughts and experiences with the world. Unlike writing a book or a newspaper column, a blogger is the creator, editor and publisher of their own work. To me it represents ultimate freedom of speech.

Obviously, every blogger has a different criteria and approach to what they desire to share with their readers. Since I began my blog I have made a concentrated effort to keep it positive, even when the subject has been about things that are often thought of as negative.

A few years ago I was once told that I look at life through rose colored glasses. I remember another person commenting, after reading true life stories found in my books, that "the stories were too nice". Maybe coming from the general negative mindset out there today these people were right in their perception. I am very happy I am not walking in their shoes!

I am also very proud of myself that I have taken the necessary steps to keep my blog updated; as I continue to learn and grow as a person. I am extremely grateful to my readers and I truly hope I never let you down.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Something to Think About

Since I was a child Chinese food has always been one of my favorites. In my current life I use this fact to celebrate when things are going really well. Last night I treated myself to the buffet at China Gate. A booth is my usual choice, but the restaurant was very busy for a week night, forcing me to choose a table in the middle of the room, near the food.

I selected all my favorites, mostly shrimp and veggies, with a little pork tossed in just because I love it with hot mustard. Yum!

As I began eating my feast, I noticed a slightly indecisive woman customer. She was wearing a white jacket and a furry black hat that looked to be very comfortable. She stopped by my table and asked, "Would you mind if I sat with you?" I replied, "Sure." She filled up her plate and we began to chat. She said she had been trying to decide whether to do take out and eat it alone or seek company.

I discovered Kathy was a nurse who had recently moved to Grants. We have several things in common including the fact that we have both been divorced for several years, we are independent women and our birthdays are only a week apart. We had a very enjoyable time getting to know each other.

It always surprises me when I run into someone that I know I am supposed to talk to, but I am not quite sure why. This is the feeling I got from Kathy. In addition to being a full time nurse, she is a trained massage therapist. Now, ordinarily that fact wouldn't be all that unusual, except when combined with another fact. Recent visits with my chiropractor have not produced the results I anticipated. On my last visit she said I want you to have three massage treatments before I see you again. I silently asked, "Are you going to pay for that doctor?"

Because of the holidays and general procrastination I have not followed her advice. As we talked, Kathy offered to give me a massage and added it would be free to allow me to see if I liked her method.

Just the other day I had the thought- it sure would be nice if I had a personal massage therapist. A few moments ago another thought reared it's head to get my attention- did I manifest my new friend, Kathy? That certainly gives me something to think about!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green- My Favorite Color

Today is the official start of something big for the "little writers" of Grants, NM. I was given the green light to move ahead with my plan to organize a creative writing group for kids. Waiting for Big Brothers Big Sisters to complete my background check has gone into month four. Enough already! I am not a criminal, never have been and never plan to be one!!

This morning I stopped by the school administration office and asked for a copy of the background check I had passed in 2008. It was done when I volunteered for the Foster Grandparent Program in our school district. The old phrase, "where there is a will there is a way" came to mind. My next stop was to deliver the precious document to the director of our family center, who happily asked, "When do you want to get started?" I said,"Just as soon as I have things organized".

Most public school teachers I have had the pleasure of knowing are very hard working, but they can't spend a lot of time on creative writing. Their priority is curriculum that has to be taught in a limited number of hours. A contributing problem is class size.

I know from personal experience how important putting thoughts on paper is to developing self-esteem and encouraging imagination and pride of personal accomplishment. I wish there had been a group like this when I was in elementary school. Well there wasn't, but I have been given the tools and the green light to change that for some of today's young minds.

I have begun researching creative writing for kids. In addition I am asking my readers to share personal experience tips, resource information such as websites and books on how to make this project fun and exciting for the participants (both students and facilitator). My personal email is

Thanks in advance and have a great green day!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For Better or Worse

Today I have a message that may surprise you.
Remember the best friend, spiritual mate you have spent so much time looking for? Look no more!! Your BFF is none other than you. Truly believing that simple fact is all you need to know. For better or worse your human body and your soul (mind) were joined forever; long before you uttered that first scream announcing to the world above and below that you had safely arrived.

Once you consciously connect the rest of your journey is not only easy, but a whole lot of fun. The only reason you are here is to experience first hand what it feels like to experience a human life. It is all about you! Mistakes are impossible because your soul mind wrote the script.

What you do with what you now know is entirely up to you. You can't stay where you are because this moment is already taken. Your only option, as I see it, is to get off your butt and stop procrastinating, stop making excuses for who you are and most of all stop blaming others for YOUR problems.

As Navy Admiral, David Glasgow Farragot ordered during the Civil War, "Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Human Contact

The ice melted enough to drive to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. I really didn't need anything except human contact. It felt good to get out of the house for a little while and actually see that I wasn't the only human left on earth. Last night my grandson sent me an email asking if he could come to my house today. Of course, I said yes. It is the last day of his Christmas vacation. He arrived about an hour ago and after determining he hadn't had breakfast I made him french toast.

In a little while we will take a little jaunt into town and stop at Futures so I can get back to my morning walking. The center has been closed for the holidays for a few days and my body misses the familiar exercise. I also need to make up for the fudge and cookies I consumed because there was nobody but me in the house to eat them. That's my excuse and I am sticking with it!

The rest of the day is open for whatever we decide to do. We might just make a last batch of caramel corn. If we do, most of it is going home with him. Just hanging out with Colin is one of my favorite things to do and I have found we don't really need planned activities.

Today I am grateful that I survived the holidays alone and now I have earned the right to have human contact with a very special soul who always makes me feel special.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who We Are

As the ice still hasn’t melted on my road I had a little more time to go through things and discard what is outdated before venturing into town. I ran across a copy of the last “Who We Are” column I wrote for the Cibola County Beacon, published November 26, 2004. After reading it I decided it might be fun to share it with my new reading audience.

A Special Person Walks on Unfamiliar Ground
The first six decades of her life were spent raising her three children. It wasn’t that she was slow; they were born over a 20 year span of time. When she reached the point of needing to focus on her self she was walking on unfamiliar ground. It was not easy to start a new life at her age.

For the first time in her life she made herself the center of her world. Until then she had literally hid behind other people and their priorities. She had always been afraid that she was not good enough to face life on her own.

Renovation of her life caused her to believe she had found the special person she had searched for all her life. Today she finds it hard to believe that she had lived for 60 years without a clue about who she really was.

This new relationship not only gave her a new attitude; it gave her material for her first published book, Wake up! It was written from her heart to help others and herself grow in love.

She obtained a publisher without the help of an agent. Many query letters had been rejected before she found Publish America, a slightly non-traditional publishing house that focuses on new writers. Unfortunately they offered little promotional help to authors who were not already celebrities.

Promoting her book became her new challenge. Knowing it was spiritually guided led her to believe that it would be an instant success. It seems she was overly optimistic! It did not fit the old fashioned cowboy and Indian mindset of her little town of Grants, New Mexico.

Part one of Wake Up! is an inspirational journey offering spiritual awareness from a lay person’s experiences. Part two contains 30 true stories featuring Cibola County residents and their life challenges. Those who have read her unique book have been moved by its down-to-earth messages.

The book has a partner of equal importance, spirit photographs taken in Cibola County while writing the contents. Like any good partnership, each has its own merit, while complimenting the other.

Book signings, creative advertising and letters to friends, groups and organizations she has donated time to have been unsuccessful. Her writing has been exposed to her community since 2000 through two newspaper columns that she has written and she has been assured that readers love her work.

One would think that she is doing everything right. Her supporters are asking, “When are you going to write another book?” Thus far her answer has been, “First I have to sell this one.”

A new question has recently occurred to her. What if Wake Up! was primarily written to help her move on with her life and readers are simply witnesses on her journey? This concept diminishes the importance of selling the book. It allows her freedom to move on.

She has learned from experience to take every opportunity that comes along to grow. Nothing in her life is the same at it was when she began walking on unfamiliar ground.

This story chronicles the recent life of Barbara Gunn. It is also my last submission to “Who We Are”. This decision is mine. I truly thank my many readers and friends who have encouraged my journey.

(author’s note: Today I am laughing at how far I have come and how much I got by with as a columnist for the Cibola County Beacon!)

Baby it's Cold!

For the last three days I have been ice-bound, a prisoner in my own home. It started snowing last Thursday and dropped about 3-4 inches. I know that's not a lot of white stuff, but coupled with the fact it has been -15 degrees at night and not warmed up to more than 20 degrees during the day it is causing a problem. The road in front of my house leading to town is still a sheet of ice. My Hyundai Accent does not like to be driven on ice packed roads.

I learned long ago to listen to my intuition so I did stock up on essentials like cat food, water and T paper. Living alone with nobody to depend on, I have learned the hard way about little things that can become big problems. I also learned when it gets below zero at night it is wise to let a couple of faucets drip to prevent freezing pipes. The good electric blanket that had been adorning the guest room bed was moved to my room. Toastie toes are much more comfortable than freezing ones!

Since I have been ice-bound with not a single human voice to keep me company it has given me time to do some mental house cleaning. Possibly that's what the universe had in mind. I have looked at my life and taken steps to remove anything or anyone who is not serving my best interest. The trick is to do it with love, realizing that those are the experiences that made me the strong person I am today. So yay for their great performances!

Next and possibly the most important is I had time to finish up that manuscript I have been writing since 2005, when my second book was published. It isn't that I am a slow writer. Because of the nature of the material I had to live it before I could write it. I also gave my guide and muse, Richard, a well deserved vacation a few months ago and he took me seriously. I do believe he is back! In any case the project is finished to the best of my knowledge and is now titled, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist. Where it is going from here, only the Universe knows.

It's only 8:00AM and it Looks like the sun is up and intending to shine brightly all day. Perhaps this is the end of my ice-bound captivity. I really hope so because I need to hear the sound of a human voice before I go stir crazy!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wanted Alive

One of my goals for 2011 is to find the spiritual mate the Universe has been holding for me. I believe I have a sketch of his face. It first appeared in a pond in our local park a few years ago. I had taken a picture and noticed a spirit in the water. After placing the photo on a light box I traced the face. I believe this is the man I am seeking. I also believe he is my twin-flame soul mate. It is extremely rare for souls this special to live as humans at the same time.

I convinced myself I had found the man who belongs to the face in early 2010, but it appears I may have been wrong. At my age I can't afford to waste time on a maybe that's him soul, especially when the feedback is less than desirable. Sometimes for my own well being I have to let go of what I truly believe in my heart to be so. It is not an easy task, but a necessary one for the health of my own soul.

If anyone knows who this face belongs to please give him my contact information. It is time to connect for real before the clock strikes midnight on our lives and we lose the opportunity forever