Friday, January 18, 2019

A snow day

Schools do it why can't I do it? I woke this morning with the intention of having breakfast and going to the family center to exercise. I then looked out my window and saw that it was snowing again. Change of plans.

I decided it was a good day to update some of my files. I had recently made some minor changes in my will, but after reading the obituary I had on file, I also made some changes in that document. I am aware that people don't always keep these things updated, but I know from personal experience how important it is. Family members have not left wills or kept insurance policies etc.up to date and it can cause some serious misunderstandings. I'm not doing that to my family. I intend for my intentions, when I leave my body behind, to be perfectly clear to everyone involved. 

Last night a good friend decided to allow me to add her as an administrator on my writing site, "Write On". I had been waiting for her to agree. Sometimes I get discouraged because so few people are actually participating and the addition of a co-administrator who has a very positive spirit will be a great help. I sincerely believe we have similar goals for the group.

While checking on the writing group I noticed there was a discrepancy as to the total number of members. I went down the member list and checked off names. As far as I know only one member has left the group in the three months of its existence. This person had the courtesy to let me know she was leaving and why. I understood where she was coming from and we are still friends.

One of the other things I looked at this morning was what I call my time line. It is a list of important changes in my life since my birth in 1937 to the present. I see that my surgeries occurred in 1942, 1989, 2011 and 2015. I think that is quite enough thank you! My marriages were in 1959 and 1972. Although divorced twice, both husbands are now deceased. I didn't do it, although...never mind.

The other thing I noted was the birth of my three children in 1960, 1966 and 1979. At least one of them was not planned. Any guesses which one? You could be wrong!

As I look out my window I see the snow has stopped, but since I already declared it a snow day I am going to continue on the path I decided on this morning. There are many more files to go through.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why do I write?

Several years ago someone asked me, “Who do you write for?” Without hesitation I replied, myself. Although true at the time I’m not sure it is still true. I think I was born creative and writing is one of the ways I use to express that gift. I have a clear memory of an experience from grade school that still makes me smile. I rewrote a comic book story I had read and made it come to life.

My first published work was an article I wrote for a contest offered by our local college. It was a tribute to my mother-in-law who was a victim of Alzheimer’s. About this time a friend loaned me his copy of Richard Bach’s, “Illusions”. I fell in love with his writing style. I suppose in a way he became my mentor.

Then came my life as a columnist, featuring stories I wrote as the result of personal interviews. I loved being able to share the life stories of local residents. I think it was practice for what came next. 
Realizing how important and freeing it is to write, I published two inspirational books, now out of print, started a blog in 2009 and currently have three E-books offered on Amazon. Along the way, I created two local writing groups, one for adults and one for children, for the same purpose; to inspire others to get what is inside outside. It is also the reason I created this writing site.  

To answer the question, why do I write? the simple answer is it is my purpose and my passion.  

Also, years ago someone told me that is I find my passion I will realize my purpose. She was right, I found both!