Thursday, November 15, 2018

Getting to know you

For the last few months I have been exercising at our family center to keep my body in as much shape as possible for my age. Another lady and I have become friends and  every couple of weeks we go out for coffee and a chat. She is several years younger than I am and we are so different it isn't even funny, but for some reason we connected. Apparently she is a new member of my tribe that I didn't know was missing.

I came from a small family containing one younger brother. Although I had several 1st cousins, we were not close. 

My new friend had 9 brothers and sisters and has 7 children of her own. Her family is very close. She is in daily contact with her adult children, a fact I am having trouble understanding. During our coffee chat yesterday she shared some personal information that shed some light on this subject. She said that when her first husband died suddenly her children rallied around to support her.

I wondered what would it be like to have that kind of family support. Then I realized that I do have family support, but not from my biological family. During recent years I have picked up spiritual family members who have become very supportive. Because of them I have evolved to the human I am today.

I am always reminded of the song Julie Andrews sang in, The King and I, Getting to Know You. It is one I used to sing to my daughter when she was a baby and I was changing her diaper.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Life matters

I was watching the news last night about the terrible fire that is sweeping through California. Several celebrities were interviewed because they had lost their houses. My response was big deal! These people have so much money they can easily rebuild.

My next thought was, what about the ordinary people who have lost everything and have no funds to rebuild?

In comparing the two situations I clearly saw that the universe doesn't care about money, color or race. Everyone is treated the same, no matter who they are. I find that interesting in a world that has become so focused on money, status and race.

It brought back a memory from several years ago when I had a brief experience as a member of a small parish council. The priest entered the room with a question for our group. He asked, if your house was burning down, except for living things, what would you save?

There were all sorts of answers, but the priest was looking for just one- nothing.

Whoever you are, whatever you have, there is nothing more important than your life.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

A little piece of paper

In looking for something that I couldn't find I ran across a little piece of paper with some previously written notes. At the top of the page it said, "the happiness trap". After reading it I decided to share it to the best of my ability. I assume it was another push from an unseen entity.

Giving a thought attention (fuel) makes it bigger. Turn off the switch and let it run its course. Don't try to fight it. Ask, "is this thought helpful?" If it is not say, "thank you mind" and let it go.

Accept how you feel and do not analyze it by asking,"why me?" That's a question that never has an answer.

Don't fuss with the story your mind is telling you. Just say, "thanks mind but I am not playing today".

This information was either meant as a reminder for me or to be passed on to whoever needs help with the happiness trap.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Sometimes it is wise to let an idea gel for awhile before taking action. Another word for patience I would guess. Yesterday I was thinking that I need to find a way of sharing my spirit photographs online. My original thought was to create a group of like minded friends. I suppose that might work, but I already manage a writing group and one is enough.

Messing around on my computer last night I remembered that several months ago I created a website called, Previous Posts. In checking it I had to laugh when I saw my last post was February 2018. Seriously? It reminded me of someone I know who starts things and never finished them. I definitely do not want to follow him!

It seems my guides are pushing me to take another step forward.

After mulling things over and taking a good look at the site I came to the conclusion that I might be able to rearrange things a bit and change the name to, Previous Posts & Spirit Photographs. I could also spend a little money and pay a small monthly fee to publish the site so it will get more attention from viewers.

Although I am still rethinking the situation it is clear that this may be the way to move forward and kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. Not that I would, of course, it's just an expression.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Alright I get the point

My last blog post was about not really understanding what I am supposed to do with my spiritual gifts. If you read back you will see that a friend suggested that I think of them as seeds that are dropped here and there, some take and some don't. I think that is a wonderful idea. Of course, the words I write and the spirit photographs I have been taking since early 2000 are not just for me they are meant to be shared with whomever needs them.

Although my new writing group, "Write On" is sparking interest, like anything new it is moving along a little slower than I would like. There's that word patience again. It causes me problems every time. I am sure my guides are asking, "will she never learn?".

A week ago my son helped create a new work space for me which should have given me a clue that  my gifts are headed in a different direction than I had planned. This is my new uncluttered space.

In my closet I have several years worth of pictures I have taken, containing spirit images. I have spent a lot of time trying to arrange a local place to share them with others. I came close several times but nothing ever fit. I have wondered more than once what am I supposed to do with them? I am very aware that they were never meant to make money. They were meant to be freely shared with others. It appears that for some reason I was chosen to be a messenger for my Creator.

The following is the picture that I have always believed to be the one I was led to take to show people that we never die. From my experience, I know we can communicate with those living in another realm if we believe we can. I have shared this picture more than once and it is called, "My Man". It was taken at our local Riverwalk several years ago. I believe his name is Joseph.

Now that I have dipped my toe into creating an online group for writing perhaps it is time I gathered like minded people together to form a spirit photography group. It would be a way of sharing without moving from my new comfortable work space.

For years I have dreamed of being a motivational speaker, I apparently imagined the wrong stage!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

What's the point?

Over the last almost twenty years I have written thousands of words and in comparison have made very little money on the projects I have followed through on. A really good example is my newest book, "What Now My Love? A Writer's Journey". It has been two months since I published it on and I have apparently sold one copy, plus I gave two hard copies to friends.

This morning I am asking myself what's the point? I am sitting here at my brand new computer pondering that question.

I have felt for a long time that my writing is meant to inspire, but I always thought that meant to inspire others. Could it possibly be that the universe has been pushing me to inspire myself? The push certainly wasn't meant to bring in money. What a joke that is!

Writing does make me happy, especially when I allow my spiritual guides to lead me. Sometimes I read what I have written and wonder aloud, "Did I write that? It is really good!".

Does anyone really give a damn what I write? Are the newspaper columns, books, blog posts and poems I have been writing over the years just a waste of time? Will anyone care when I no longer live the life of a human? I know that I have occasionally inspired someone else, but is that enough? Something seems to be seriously be out of balance.

I am not the kind of person to give up but I would sure like to know what is the point? 

After sharing this post online one of my friends came up with a suggestion that makes sense. It was to think of my writings as if I were scattering seeds- some take some don't. Sounds like an excellent idea to me! Sort of like Johnny Appleseed with words.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A frustrating adventure

The last few days have not only been frustrating but expensive!  My computer gave me a warning that the hard drive was about to go out. Wonderful! It was a refurbished computer and should have been updated a long time ago. It couldn't have come at a worse time as I am trying to save money to get a new roof on my house next spring or summer.

To make a long story short my son and I went to Walmart and found a new one within my price range. I am grateful that he is computer knowledgeable and got it hooked up and ready to go. Then we discovered that my old monitor was not going to work with it. So back to Walmart to get a new one.

Although everything is now working my son decided it needed more memory and another item (not sure what that is) that will make it run better.

So yesterday I thought everything was going to work well, but I was wrong! My internet provider decided to pick that day to play some games and the service kept going on and off for several hours. Every time I got ready to type something it was off.

I am sincerely hoping all goes well today because I am still attempting to get used to my new toy. It does, after all, make up a large part of my social life. Even though this has been a frustrating adventure it has been a learning experience.