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Saturday, January 31, 2015

True love never ends

While many of my friends are watching football this weekend I am reading The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. It is interesting how many things in the book fit what I have already experienced, mostly the communication with deceased souls. Reading this book brought back a memory of a conversation I had with such a person. The story was previously posted in February 2013, just before Valentine's Day. Because that time of year is rolling around again I am re-posting it for all the lovers out there who might believe that leaving earth is the end of their relationship.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fulfilling a request

It has become my habit to use the time between waking in the morning and actually getting out of bed to have quiet conversations with spirits not physically present in my bedroom. Sometimes it is direct communication with my Creator, other times it may be with a close living friend and still other times it could be with a soul no longer occupying a human body. Today it was a combination of all three, none anymore important than the others. This morning I received a request from a good friend who left earth in 2007 after a long battle with diabetes. Her name was also Barbara and we met around 1995. She was a wonderful, strong, funny role model for the entire community, even after her disease began taking her limbs. I have never known a more powerful soul. She never let anything stand in her way when she wanted to do something- anything! Barbara has been mentioned in almost everything I have written. It was not until her death that I realized just how strong of a spiritual relationship we had/have. I believe that she chose me, while still living, to keep an eye on her beloved husband, John for her. She was the kind of person who would not hesitate to celebrate a holiday by cooking up something special. Since her death I have baked goodies for him off and on, making sure he understands it is because Barbara would if she could. Those two had a unique relationship that would put most people's marriages to shame! This morning my wonderful friend, Barbara, asked me to give John a Valentine gift from her. It was a very specific gift. I tried to talk her into just getting a chocolate heart, but she wouldn't go for it. So sometime in the next couple of days I will be baking a batch of sugar cookies in the shape of a heart with cinnamon pieces on top. It must mean something special to them and I am happy to be of service.

Author's note: It was not until the cookies were baked with 3 cinnamon candies placed on each one that I realized they formed a smile. I of course, shared the creation story with John. He later told me he couldn't help smiling every time he ate one.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Test coming up today!

Yesterday I picked up my mail and upon opening my water bill got a very big shock. It was $100 more than it had been for the last three months. Nice! Wasn't the universe satisfied with my having to pay almost $300 for a plumber on Monday? Apparently not!

Of course, worrying about the unbelievable amount kept me awake last night. I kept thinking maybe there was another leak somewhere else or possibly my water heater shudder shudder! I have already replaced two of those suckers since 2000 and they aren't cheap! Before I finally went to sleep I decided I would stop by the water department this morning and see why my current bill is so high.

You've heard about the best laid plans? Well today started out like that. As I looked out my bedroom window I viewed the snow that had fallen during the night. So much for driving into town today. My next little jolt came when I tried to access my email account on my computer. I couldn't and it took me more time than I would have liked to set up a chat line with my provider. Someone had hacked my account. One problem down one to go.

Before tackling the water department I ran a virus scan on my trusty computer and nothing came up. It's better to be safe and I was following the advice of the chat lady.

Next came a call to the water department. I talked to a very nice lady about my bill and told her I had a broken pipe on Saturday, but turned the water off immediately. The meter had been read the day before. She said I could have had a leak for some time. My plumber later confirmed that possibility. I was told to bring in the receipt for repairs with a letter stating what happened and they would adjust the bill. This I will do on Monday after the roads clear of snow.

I have done everything I could do to take care of my current problems. Actually I am rather proud of myself for not just sitting there and taking what the universe decided to dish out this time. I used to depend on my daughter to come to my aid when I had a computer problem. Now I attend to it myself. Before my divorce in 1999 I depended on my ex-husband to take care of water problems. I didn't even know a plumber to call!

Looks as if I passed today's test.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spirit photography

Over the years I have taken many photographs containing spirits. I have shared them with others who can also see what I see. At first I was shocked at the appearance of unknown beings, but I gradually got used to the sight and later realized I was supposed to share the photos.

Today a Facebook friend posted a picture of a fire that joggled my mind about a similar picture I took about 8 years ago. Below is my photo.

Some of you may see what looks like a black hat going up in flames near the center of the fire. I am going to give you some background information on this picture. Stay tuned because it is slightly eerie!

In the spring of 1999 I desperately wanted to end a 40 year addiction to nicotine. I asked my higher power for help and was given a man who was a "street corner" hypnotist, for lack of a better description. After one session I ceased smoking, but got caught in the web of the questionable helper for several years.

Everyone in town seemed to know his methods left a lot to be desired, but me. I stubbornly stayed stuck right where I was, defending him. Today I look back at some of my actions and reactions to him with wonder how I could have been so stupid. Perhaps it was simply an unfilled need for male attention that I wasn't getting at home. Although nothing physical ever occurred, there were plenty of mental gyrations.

Then one day something caused me to wake up and see the hypnotist for what he was- a total jackass!

My first and last act concerning the jerk was to take every scrap of paper that had anything to do with him, put it in a cardboard box, take it outside and set fire to it.

The eerie part of this story is, the hypnotist always wore a black cowboy hat and there was no hat in the box when I struck the match.

The end. (This one's for you Marlee and thanks for being part of my life while you were here!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One little word

For a long time the title on my blog has read freelance writer. Yesterday after meditating I changed it to read motivational writer. Today it seems absolutely right because that is what I am. I suppose I could have used motivational author, but a writer is a writer whether published or not.

Several years ago a man asked me if I knew what my purpose was. Without hesitation I replied, “To motivate people to be the best that they can be”. His reply in part was, “You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear that”. I didn’t ask why and the conversation abruptly ended.

A suggestion from a female friend even before that was, “Find what makes you happy and that is your passion/purpose”.

Always interested in definitions I looked up the words freelance and motivational. The first is “one who pursues a profession (as writing) without a long term commitment to any one employer”. Close, but not quite right as I have a guide, but no employer. Motivate means to provide with a motive. Exactly!

I know what I am doing and why, even though it sometimes upsets others who simply do not understand my method.

Until I come up with a more fitting title for my blog it will remain Motivational Writer.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Prayers come in all sizes

A couple of weeks ago I joined a facebook group called Team Jayden's Wish. I don't do this very often, but because of who the administrator is I couldn't not join. It was started by a very good friend who lives in Texas with a heart as big as the State he lives in. Until recently he was missing for some time from FB and all of his friends were concerned for his welfare.

He had been having computor problems and when he finally showed up he told his friends about a little six year old boy by the name of Jayden who has a rare blood disease. Dan had started a booster club for him offering "Team Jayden 4 Life" T shirts to help the family with his medical expenses. I couldn't resist so I ordered one for my grandson. The goal was 50 shirts and it took of lot of joined prayers, but it was reached yesterday just in the nick of time.

As stated in my previous post I had a broken water pipe over the weekend and couldn't locate a plumber. A FB friend upon reading about my problem posted this message: "I am sending plumbing angels to help you find a good plumber that is honest and reasonable". I laughed when I read it, but Nina is the kind of person who believes in powers greater than the ordinary human is capable of. This morning that plumber answered my call for help. He is the absolute best person I could have found for the job and even took care of a second leak I was not aware of.

Last, but not least I had been saying a prayer for the welfare of a friend who has also been MIA for some time. I wasn't even sure if he was still living in human form, although my intuition told me he was. All I was asking was to somehow know for sure. Today I was able to have my prayer answered. He is fine and whether or not we will ever connect again is not for me to say.

So you see prayers do come in all sizes. It looks to me as if what matters most is the unselfish sincerity of the prayer, not how big or small it is.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Go with the flow

This has been one of those weekends that has not produced much flow. Saturday morning I discovered I had yet another broken water pipe under my house. After turning off the water to the house I tried to call the plumber that I usually use, with no luck. His answering machine wasn't even on, which is unusual. There were two other plumbers listed in the phone book so I called one I had used in the past, leaving a message for him to call me back. I also talked to the other one and was told he only works on new homes.

Since I do not have a magic wand that produces plumbers there was nothing I could do except go with the flow.

Today is the second morning without water. I was a little upset with my son when I realized he had turned the water back on so he could take a shower. Seriously are you kidding me?! He decided to go to work today, but since it is Sunday and he will most likely not come in contact with anyone else- who cares if he has showered or not? On top of that I had suggested he go to his sister's to take a shower, as she lives two houses away.

I always turn off the water while waiting for a plumber. I figure it is bad enough to have to crawl under the house in the winter. Keeping the area as dry as possible is the least that I can do to help.

It's now noon and I am still waiting to contact a plumber, which means still no flow. There isn't a thing I can do about the problem. In a way it's a good thing as being the weekend it would be much more expensive. So I guess I should be grateful for that. I reluctantly say thank you to the wise Universe! Things could be worse. I recall a time in recent years when I was without heat for several days while waiting for a new furnace to be installed. Given the choice I vote for no water!

While waiting out my latest challenge I have been reading a wonderful Kindle book titled, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. I know it was a book I was meant to read on the weekend when I was facing my own challenge. It is the story of a common man who took an amazing journey to help a friend he had not had contact with in 20 years. I have been so engrossed with his journey and his challenges along the way that I have given little thought to my water problem. Again, thank you Universe! I highly recommend this book which has 17,800 5 star ratings on Goodreads.

Hopefully tomorrow, being Monday, I will be able to find someone who can restore the flow and my life will return to normal.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A view from my window

I have always wanted to write a book called A view from my Window but after checking it out I found it has already been used. Oh well I can still use it for a blog title.

I have shared a large number of photos over the years that I have taken from my window. It has a wonderful view of a Mt. Taylor mesa at the end of my road, the constantly changing clouds and the awesome sunrise as it comes up over the hill. There is a little peak that I refer to as my personal little mountain. I probably have one of the best views in town from my window.

Today I have been filming and sharing on Facebook a short lived snow storm that began last night, to add to my collection of natural wonders. I knew it was coming in and didn't even bother to get dressed until late this morning. I didn't plan on going anywhere and the animals don't care as long as they get fed.

This is the one I took as the snow started falling last night. Just a little dusting, but I knew it wasn't finished when I went to bed.

I took the next one this morning about 8:00 AM. It was still snowing.

I was certainly glad I hadn't planned to go anywhere! In New Mexico we have a saying that if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes or drive down the road a ways and it will change. By about 11:00 AM the sun came out and began doing its job. I took the next picture about noon, showing blue skies hanging over my personal little mountain.

There you have it a view from my window today.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Give it back

This morning the following Facebook post caught my eye and served as a reminder of a past experience.

Several years ago I was the Resource Development Coordinator for our local Good Samaritan Center. Although it was part time it was my first real job in a long time, with the exception of being an Independent Avon Representative. Even though I was in the President's Club I never made any money to speak of.

In both jobs my happiest times were spent talking to and connecting with people; giving them an opportunity to know what I knew. It is probably why my next experience as a product demonstrator lasted for nine years. In all three jobs I was actually doing the same thing with slightly different details.

On the day I left the nursing home the Administrator told me that I had made more money in the short time that I held the job than anyone else. It was nice to hear, but I don't think he ever understood that my idea of resources included connecting the residents of the community with the facility residents. The projects I had created did just that. Yes, they produced money but the participants always got something in return.

The reason I left this job was that my duties were about to change and I wasn't willing to go there. The facility was trying to raise money to build an Alzheimer unit, which was close to my heart because my mother-in-law was a victim of the disease, at the time. Instead of coming up with projects I was expected to go around holding out my hands and expecting people to gladly plop money in them. As my young grandson would have said at the time, "no way Jose"!

It is said that charity begins at home and I have also heard that charity means LOVE. My suggestion to you is find something that you really care about and give it back in the form of your time, compassion, talents or whatever you can afford!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Generous without strings

Today I have been thinking about the word generous and what it means to me. I have probably always been generous, but my reasons have changed over the years. In the past I often gave to get something back. Today I know that even expecting a thank you really isn’t generosity.

Curious about the word generous, I looked it up. I found two meanings. The first was “free in giving or sharing”. The second was “high minded, noble”. There it is right there- the difference is the word free. If you are offering anything with strings of any kind it is not being generous. This train of thought reminded me of an excerpt from one of my books and I am going to share it now with no strings- honest! Notice I didn’t even mention the name of the book.

If at the last moment of any day you have anything more than you really need you have abundance and according to Mr. Webster you are rich. You entered this life without even a diaper to cover you. There was no label attached to your body with a guarantee of anything you would receive from that day forward.

Many stories have been written about the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. It is interesting that the poor of the world are often happier than the rich. Perhaps it is because they know that true happiness comes from within not from without.

When a person has little he/she tends to treasure what they have. The rich continually acquire more than they could ever use. I believe it would be better to be poor first and then rich. If it were the other way around it would create an abundance of residents in mental facilities and graveyards. The majority of the rich could not handle the role reversal.

The poor tend to value what they have. They use up the last drop of anything before looking for a replacement. They mix and match and substitute missing ingredients. They are magicians who create things from nothing. They see and appreciate the beauty of the world because it is a free gift. Most live simple lives.

The rich tend to be part of a throw away society. If it isn’t the right color, size, style or age they toss it and buy something new. Their closets are filled to the brim with things they have forgotten they have. Their schedules are so full they have no time to appreciate anything. They live complicated lives that lead to heart attacks, strokes and ulcers.

Then there are the poor who try to imitate the rich and end up even poorer. I have never heard of a rich person wanting to imitate a poor person, although it would not be a bad idea. They might learn that money and possessions do not make you who you are. When you leave earth you will take nothing with you except what you have learned during your stay here.

We all have something to give and to learn and perhaps one of those things is learning to be generous without strings.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Canned or real?

I have a friend who recently started a photography business with his wife. He posts some of his photos on Facebook, mostly taken of people. This morning I was wondering why they bother me so much. First of all he is using the social network at the expense of his friends to publicize his work. I for one do not appreciate that. After further contemplation I also realized the majority of his photos are what I call canned or posed.

I have many Facebook friends who share natural photos they have taken, which I really do appreciate viewing. Many are of clouds, sunsets, sunrises and events. There are some of course, that are of people; especially their children and grandchildren and there pets. The photos are real and not set up in a studio. They allow me to take a peek into their lives and build up a true relationship with people who I may never meet in person.

Since 2009 I have also shared many photos on facebook as well as on this blog, giving readers an opportunity to get to know me and what is important in my life.

It takes all kinds I guess, but I would rather have real than canned!

Meet Smokey who is now nine years old. He got a lot of attention when I first posted his photo!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Feeling bored

Having a hard time getting in the mood for the new year. I have been trying to decide what to pursue and what to leave behind. Yesterday I decided to abandon my seat in front of my trusty computer and venture into town for a change of scenery. My intuition kicked in and I decided to take along my camera.

My first stop was the Riverwalk. Since it was Sunday and a little chilly there was only one other person in the park when I pulled into the parking lot. I watched a man as he approached the water. Soon every duck, goose and wild bird were following him. Thinking of all the times this had happened to me made me chuckle. The next thing I noticed was that the man started taking pictures of his audience. Before he left he tossed out bread crumbs as a thank you for the hungry foul. Wow I don't even know how many times I have been in his exact place.

I had no desire to get out of the car as I took in the beautiful fluffy white cloud formations in the sky. I still didn't know what I was being led to do, but decided to wonder to a different part of town. As I drove I noticed how beautiful Mt. Taylor was with the blue sky and clouds hovering overhead. My thought was to capture a picture as I continued to drive looking for a clear spot that would eliminate any unwanted electrical wires and poles.

I ended up on a road I had traveled on before with an uncluttered view of a mesa, the clouds and the blue sky. I got out of my car and took this picture.

Then my camera told me I needed to recharge my battery. It had been doing that a lot lately, even though I have rechargeable batteries and keep them charged. My next stop was Walmart where I decided to replace the batteries I had been using for several years. I guess everything wears out given enough time!

Since I had my camera in my hand I decided to print out the photos as long as I was there. Lately I have just been uploading them onto my computer and not printing them. Lazy perhaps?!

I was rewarded with this very nice sunrise photo that I had forgotten about. I really like it and it reminded me just how much I love taking photos and how good many of them are.

Perhaps that is what my intuition was trying to tell me all along. Get out of the house and don't forget to take your camera!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A strange bird

A few years ago I attended a rather unique memorial service for a very unique lady by the name of Marlee. It was held on the beautiful boulders of the Sandstone Bluffs in Cibola County, NM, not far from my house. There was a priest, although she was not Catholic, recorded
bagpipe music, a small group of friends and her two sons who shared their memories. It was the first and only time I have witnessed a person's ashes being spread across the ground. What I remember most is her son ending the service with a smile and the comment, "My mother was a strange bird."

I didn't know Marlee very well, but she left me with an impression of a soul who loved to taste life- all of it. She really didn't care what anyone else,including her family thought about her choices. Her last year or so was spent in a nursing home because she could no longer deal with her physical challenges. She told the nurses right from the start that she was ready to die and at one point chose the exact day. God did not agree with her and had the last word.

Marlee is the kind of person that I would like to be follow. Since I began shedding negative energy and writing what I felt like I have been called a variety of names myself. Some by so called friends and some by close relatives. There are those I have chosen to delete because they insisted on living my life for me.

On this morning when the memory of Marlee Garza popped into my mind I realize that on my passing to another realm I wouldn't mind at all being called a strange bird!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just a little piece of paper

Several years ago someone told me how to keep negative energy from others from touching me. It is a very simple little procedure. It goes like this: on the top of a piece of paper write a simple statement about the offensive situation. For instance; "I want Monique to stop bothering me at work." Next draw an arrow from the statement to the bottom of the paper. Do not throw it away, but rather fold it up and tuck it away in a drawer and forget about it. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well it is.

I have done this when I felt threatened by someone and didn't know how else to cope with the situation. Every now and then I run across one of those little hidden pieces of paper. Almost always I have completely forgotten about it's existence and it causes me to laugh when I read what I had written. This happened today as I was cleaning out a drawer, and yes it was funny.

Now I really have no idea if the fact that I carried out this odd little routine worked or if what I was so concerned about was never going to happen in the first place. I suspect the latter, but I have no proof.

I think from now on I will put my little pieces of paper to better use and bravely deal with whatever the universe has in store for me. After all our life lessons come in all shapes and sizes and are meant to help us grow!

The title of this post just reminded me of a poem I wrote a long time ago so I am sharing since I have the space to do so.

Just a little piece of paper

with lovingly chosen words.

If you could see beneath the pen

You'd find my love will never end.

Friday, January 2, 2015


There is so much stuff out there to aide in enlightenment I wonder just how much any one person needs to absorb to be perfect. My book shelf is filled with books written by people who claim to have all the answers and I have reams of downloaded material from those "wise ones". I have tried to follow many of their suggestions and never quite arrived at the height that they claim to be enjoying.

As I begin another year in this human body I have decided to just be me. About time huh?

There is not a thing wrong with the way I express myself and I have come to realize that because it is a simple version of what the "wise ones" are saying, there are people out there who benefit from what I have to offer. There really is nothing new to say that was not said millions of years ago. Today I am sharing once again a prayer said to have been channeled from Tobias(old Testament book of Tobit). It points out that we are all perfect, just the way we are.

The Silent Prayer

In my heart, I accept my perfect being. I accept that the joy I have intended is already in my life. I accept that love I have prayed for is already within me. I accept that the peace I have asked for is already my reality. I accept that the abundance I have sought already fills my life.

In my truth, I accept my perfect Being. I take responsibility for my own creations, And all things that are within my life. I acknowledge the power of spirit that is within me. And know that all things are as they should be.

In my wisdom, I accept my perfect Being. My lessons have been carefully chosen by my self, And now I walk through them in full experience. My path takes me on a sacred journey with divine purpose. My experiences become part of all that is.

In my knowingness, I accept my perfect Being. In this moment, I sit in my golden chair And know that I Am an angel of light. I look upon the golden tray – the gift of spirit- And know that all of my desires already have been fulfilled.

In love for my self, I accept my perfect Being. I cast no judgment or burdens upon my self. I accept that everything in my past was given in love. I accept that everything in this moment comes from love. I accept that everything in my future will result in love.

In my Being, I accept my perfection And so it is

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Looks like we all made it to another year. Time to make another stab at all those unfinished goals and perhaps restate our plans. Nobody is perfect and there is always wiggle room for improvement. My calendar clearly says January 2015 so that means it is time to move on. Wishing all of my readers a journey filled with positive experiences for growth and happy memories.

Be good and if you can't be good at least have fun while being bad! Happy New Year!