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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spirit photography

Over the years I have taken many photographs containing spirits. I have shared them with others who can also see what I see. At first I was shocked at the appearance of unknown beings, but I gradually got used to the sight and later realized I was supposed to share the photos.

Today a Facebook friend posted a picture of a fire that joggled my mind about a similar picture I took about 8 years ago. Below is my photo.

Some of you may see what looks like a black hat going up in flames near the center of the fire. I am going to give you some background information on this picture. Stay tuned because it is slightly eerie!

In the spring of 1999 I desperately wanted to end a 40 year addiction to nicotine. I asked my higher power for help and was given a man who was a "street corner" hypnotist, for lack of a better description. After one session I ceased smoking, but got caught in the web of the questionable helper for several years.

Everyone in town seemed to know his methods left a lot to be desired, but me. I stubbornly stayed stuck right where I was, defending him. Today I look back at some of my actions and reactions to him with wonder how I could have been so stupid. Perhaps it was simply an unfilled need for male attention that I wasn't getting at home. Although nothing physical ever occurred, there were plenty of mental gyrations.

Then one day something caused me to wake up and see the hypnotist for what he was- a total jackass!

My first and last act concerning the jerk was to take every scrap of paper that had anything to do with him, put it in a cardboard box, take it outside and set fire to it.

The eerie part of this story is, the hypnotist always wore a black cowboy hat and there was no hat in the box when I struck the match.

The end. (This one's for you Marlee and thanks for being part of my life while you were here!)

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