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Monday, January 19, 2015

Give it back

This morning the following Facebook post caught my eye and served as a reminder of a past experience.

Several years ago I was the Resource Development Coordinator for our local Good Samaritan Center. Although it was part time it was my first real job in a long time, with the exception of being an Independent Avon Representative. Even though I was in the President's Club I never made any money to speak of.

In both jobs my happiest times were spent talking to and connecting with people; giving them an opportunity to know what I knew. It is probably why my next experience as a product demonstrator lasted for nine years. In all three jobs I was actually doing the same thing with slightly different details.

On the day I left the nursing home the Administrator told me that I had made more money in the short time that I held the job than anyone else. It was nice to hear, but I don't think he ever understood that my idea of resources included connecting the residents of the community with the facility residents. The projects I had created did just that. Yes, they produced money but the participants always got something in return.

The reason I left this job was that my duties were about to change and I wasn't willing to go there. The facility was trying to raise money to build an Alzheimer unit, which was close to my heart because my mother-in-law was a victim of the disease, at the time. Instead of coming up with projects I was expected to go around holding out my hands and expecting people to gladly plop money in them. As my young grandson would have said at the time, "no way Jose"!

It is said that charity begins at home and I have also heard that charity means LOVE. My suggestion to you is find something that you really care about and give it back in the form of your time, compassion, talents or whatever you can afford!

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