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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Go with the flow

This has been one of those weekends that has not produced much flow. Saturday morning I discovered I had yet another broken water pipe under my house. After turning off the water to the house I tried to call the plumber that I usually use, with no luck. His answering machine wasn't even on, which is unusual. There were two other plumbers listed in the phone book so I called one I had used in the past, leaving a message for him to call me back. I also talked to the other one and was told he only works on new homes.

Since I do not have a magic wand that produces plumbers there was nothing I could do except go with the flow.

Today is the second morning without water. I was a little upset with my son when I realized he had turned the water back on so he could take a shower. Seriously are you kidding me?! He decided to go to work today, but since it is Sunday and he will most likely not come in contact with anyone else- who cares if he has showered or not? On top of that I had suggested he go to his sister's to take a shower, as she lives two houses away.

I always turn off the water while waiting for a plumber. I figure it is bad enough to have to crawl under the house in the winter. Keeping the area as dry as possible is the least that I can do to help.

It's now noon and I am still waiting to contact a plumber, which means still no flow. There isn't a thing I can do about the problem. In a way it's a good thing as being the weekend it would be much more expensive. So I guess I should be grateful for that. I reluctantly say thank you to the wise Universe! Things could be worse. I recall a time in recent years when I was without heat for several days while waiting for a new furnace to be installed. Given the choice I vote for no water!

While waiting out my latest challenge I have been reading a wonderful Kindle book titled, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. I know it was a book I was meant to read on the weekend when I was facing my own challenge. It is the story of a common man who took an amazing journey to help a friend he had not had contact with in 20 years. I have been so engrossed with his journey and his challenges along the way that I have given little thought to my water problem. Again, thank you Universe! I highly recommend this book which has 17,800 5 star ratings on Goodreads.

Hopefully tomorrow, being Monday, I will be able to find someone who can restore the flow and my life will return to normal.

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