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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A view from my window

I have always wanted to write a book called A view from my Window but after checking it out I found it has already been used. Oh well I can still use it for a blog title.

I have shared a large number of photos over the years that I have taken from my window. It has a wonderful view of a Mt. Taylor mesa at the end of my road, the constantly changing clouds and the awesome sunrise as it comes up over the hill. There is a little peak that I refer to as my personal little mountain. I probably have one of the best views in town from my window.

Today I have been filming and sharing on Facebook a short lived snow storm that began last night, to add to my collection of natural wonders. I knew it was coming in and didn't even bother to get dressed until late this morning. I didn't plan on going anywhere and the animals don't care as long as they get fed.

This is the one I took as the snow started falling last night. Just a little dusting, but I knew it wasn't finished when I went to bed.

I took the next one this morning about 8:00 AM. It was still snowing.

I was certainly glad I hadn't planned to go anywhere! In New Mexico we have a saying that if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes or drive down the road a ways and it will change. By about 11:00 AM the sun came out and began doing its job. I took the next picture about noon, showing blue skies hanging over my personal little mountain.

There you have it a view from my window today.

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