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Monday, January 26, 2015

Prayers come in all sizes

A couple of weeks ago I joined a facebook group called Team Jayden's Wish. I don't do this very often, but because of who the administrator is I couldn't not join. It was started by a very good friend who lives in Texas with a heart as big as the State he lives in. Until recently he was missing for some time from FB and all of his friends were concerned for his welfare.

He had been having computor problems and when he finally showed up he told his friends about a little six year old boy by the name of Jayden who has a rare blood disease. Dan had started a booster club for him offering "Team Jayden 4 Life" T shirts to help the family with his medical expenses. I couldn't resist so I ordered one for my grandson. The goal was 50 shirts and it took of lot of joined prayers, but it was reached yesterday just in the nick of time.

As stated in my previous post I had a broken water pipe over the weekend and couldn't locate a plumber. A FB friend upon reading about my problem posted this message: "I am sending plumbing angels to help you find a good plumber that is honest and reasonable". I laughed when I read it, but Nina is the kind of person who believes in powers greater than the ordinary human is capable of. This morning that plumber answered my call for help. He is the absolute best person I could have found for the job and even took care of a second leak I was not aware of.

Last, but not least I had been saying a prayer for the welfare of a friend who has also been MIA for some time. I wasn't even sure if he was still living in human form, although my intuition told me he was. All I was asking was to somehow know for sure. Today I was able to have my prayer answered. He is fine and whether or not we will ever connect again is not for me to say.

So you see prayers do come in all sizes. It looks to me as if what matters most is the unselfish sincerity of the prayer, not how big or small it is.

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