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Monday, January 12, 2015

Feeling bored

Having a hard time getting in the mood for the new year. I have been trying to decide what to pursue and what to leave behind. Yesterday I decided to abandon my seat in front of my trusty computer and venture into town for a change of scenery. My intuition kicked in and I decided to take along my camera.

My first stop was the Riverwalk. Since it was Sunday and a little chilly there was only one other person in the park when I pulled into the parking lot. I watched a man as he approached the water. Soon every duck, goose and wild bird were following him. Thinking of all the times this had happened to me made me chuckle. The next thing I noticed was that the man started taking pictures of his audience. Before he left he tossed out bread crumbs as a thank you for the hungry foul. Wow I don't even know how many times I have been in his exact place.

I had no desire to get out of the car as I took in the beautiful fluffy white cloud formations in the sky. I still didn't know what I was being led to do, but decided to wonder to a different part of town. As I drove I noticed how beautiful Mt. Taylor was with the blue sky and clouds hovering overhead. My thought was to capture a picture as I continued to drive looking for a clear spot that would eliminate any unwanted electrical wires and poles.

I ended up on a road I had traveled on before with an uncluttered view of a mesa, the clouds and the blue sky. I got out of my car and took this picture.

Then my camera told me I needed to recharge my battery. It had been doing that a lot lately, even though I have rechargeable batteries and keep them charged. My next stop was Walmart where I decided to replace the batteries I had been using for several years. I guess everything wears out given enough time!

Since I had my camera in my hand I decided to print out the photos as long as I was there. Lately I have just been uploading them onto my computer and not printing them. Lazy perhaps?!

I was rewarded with this very nice sunrise photo that I had forgotten about. I really like it and it reminded me just how much I love taking photos and how good many of them are.

Perhaps that is what my intuition was trying to tell me all along. Get out of the house and don't forget to take your camera!

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