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Friday, January 30, 2015

Test coming up today!

Yesterday I picked up my mail and upon opening my water bill got a very big shock. It was $100 more than it had been for the last three months. Nice! Wasn't the universe satisfied with my having to pay almost $300 for a plumber on Monday? Apparently not!

Of course, worrying about the unbelievable amount kept me awake last night. I kept thinking maybe there was another leak somewhere else or possibly my water heater shudder shudder! I have already replaced two of those suckers since 2000 and they aren't cheap! Before I finally went to sleep I decided I would stop by the water department this morning and see why my current bill is so high.

You've heard about the best laid plans? Well today started out like that. As I looked out my bedroom window I viewed the snow that had fallen during the night. So much for driving into town today. My next little jolt came when I tried to access my email account on my computer. I couldn't and it took me more time than I would have liked to set up a chat line with my provider. Someone had hacked my account. One problem down one to go.

Before tackling the water department I ran a virus scan on my trusty computer and nothing came up. It's better to be safe and I was following the advice of the chat lady.

Next came a call to the water department. I talked to a very nice lady about my bill and told her I had a broken pipe on Saturday, but turned the water off immediately. The meter had been read the day before. She said I could have had a leak for some time. My plumber later confirmed that possibility. I was told to bring in the receipt for repairs with a letter stating what happened and they would adjust the bill. This I will do on Monday after the roads clear of snow.

I have done everything I could do to take care of my current problems. Actually I am rather proud of myself for not just sitting there and taking what the universe decided to dish out this time. I used to depend on my daughter to come to my aid when I had a computer problem. Now I attend to it myself. Before my divorce in 1999 I depended on my ex-husband to take care of water problems. I didn't even know a plumber to call!

Looks as if I passed today's test.

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