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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I finally have had a breakthrough regarding the cause of my current leg pain. Sometimes it is necessary to change your focus.

About three weeks ago some of you may recall that I had an argument with a phone cord that was on the floor under my office desk. The cord won and I ended up face down across the room. Of course everyone's main focus was on my hip replacement. My therapist admitted today that his first reaction was, "Oh my god what about your hip?"

My leg kept getting worse and toward evening it hurt so much that I needed the assistance of a cane to get around. After the shock had passed and the pain continued I searched for answers. Last week, in much pain, I obtained a walk in appointment with a local medical doctor. I thought perhaps I needed another x-ray of the hip or at the very least my knee, which took the brunt of the accident. Her assessment was she thought it was muscle pain. That made no sense, but she was sure it was not the hip nor the knee. Her parting advice was if I needed a cane to get around, use it. Thanks for nothing

No! I wanted an answer!! What was causing the pain? I sure wasn't making it up.

Monday morning I kept my physical therapy appointment. One look at my expression and Mike greeted me with, "Do we need to talk?"

"Good idea",  I replied.

After relaying what the MD had found I said, "I am so frustrated!. Everyone is saying what it isn't, but no one is telling me what it is."

To make the story short, he decided to check my pelvis, which had previously caused a problem. It was extremely out of alignment and most likely was the reason for all the pain in my leg etc.. As I had suspected it was never the hip at all, although I'm sure the knee played a part in the beginning. He also found that the SI joint, which connects the sacrum with the pelvis, needs attention. That makes sense too.

Since Monday I have been feeling much better. It just goes to show that when you change your focus and allow all the information in, miracles can happen.

I believe it also helps to stay on top of situations and keep asking questions until the problem is taken care of. I am very fortunate to have a physical therapist who is willing to talk about things and work with his patient to fix what needs fixing.

P.S. I'm always a believer that everything happens for a reason. Mike told me this morning that the next time he has a patient who falls he will be sure to check the alignment of the pelvis; the next time I see a potential hazard on the floor I will remove it immediately.

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