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Friday, March 18, 2016

Memories are a wonderful thing

Some people know that I not only believe in reincarnation, but have bits of memory from three different lives that I have lived. Interestingly, those memories are all of my death in those three lives and are included in my book, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist.

 I am always looking for people who are willing to share their own memories of living in another place and time. I am also interested in what it feels like to be a soul unattached to a body. Several years ago I connected with a man who claimed to have such memories, but for his own reasons he was unable or unwilling to share his experiences with me. Perhaps he lied. He was a huge disappointment.

A couple of days ago I ran across a Shirley Mac Laine interview regarding her latest book, Above the Line:My Wild Oats Adventure. The book is about her experience in the Canary Islands, while filming a movie. I knew I was supposed to read it and did not hesitate to order the kindle version. Ms. Mac Laine has for many years been open about her belief in reincarnation. The book promised to touch on past memories of her life lived in Atlantis.

Not too far into the book I found a passage that I want to share with interested readers. She was sitting on a hill in the area of a caldera volcano in La Palma when memories came back to her. This is what she observed. "The feelings seemed peacefully neutral without any polarity. It was as though everything and everyone simmered at the same temperature."

It reminded me of a question I had asked a long time ago. What does a soul look like? In later research I learned that souls in the spirit world communicate non-verbally. They just think something and it appears like magic.

Lately I have been having a similar experience and it is a bit unnerving. I think about a subject or a question and in a short time something happens to bring me clarity. It is very much as if someone, not of this world, is listening to my thoughts and responding. Some people call this synchronization. I call it being in tune with the universe.  

It also reminds me of this photo I took probably ten years ago of a pond in our River Walk.

As I observed the lights bouncing off the water It brought back a very brief memory of what souls, not attached to a body, look like in the spirit world.

Memories are a wonderful thing and can sometimes answer questions we didn't even know we had.


  1. Love the photo, Barbara! I, too, believe we live more than one life and I think we live on more than one planet (it just makes sense: with all the bazillions of planets out there in the countless number of galaxies, why would we think Planet Earth is the on;y place to live?).

    1. I think you are right about other planets Lois, although it is a bit scary. One of my past life memories is as a horse in Roman times. I was killed when the lance of an opposing knight slashed my belly. I have two scars from surgeries in this life that match that wound. Wish I knew what that was trying to tell me!