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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A little bit of yarn

For the last few months I have been crocheting little baby caps and dropping them off at our local hospital to be given to the newborns. It only takes a little bit of baby yarn and it makes me happy to know that every baby born at Cibola General Hospital in Grants, NM will at one time or another wear one of my creations.

Every time I drop off a batch the OB Director makes a point of telling me how much the moms love the caps.

Putting myself in the place of one of those moms it would remind me of my grandmother and the many times I sat next to her on the couch helping her unwind yarn as she crocheted. I'm sure she is smiling at the fact that I picked up her skill.

What I am doing isn't a big deal, but if it makes others happy it makes me happy too.

Everyone has something they know how to do that can help make their world a better place.

Find your gift and give it away!

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