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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saying goodbye

To me Easter is simply a time of rebirth.

It is the time to leave all that does not belong behind and move on to the next challenge. Right now I am trying to let go of all those things, including relationships, that I no longer need. As an example I recalled an experience I had on my mother's death bed. She was in a coma and I could not tell her I loved her, as the nurse suggested. Her human life ended a few days later in 1987. This happened 29 years ago and I am still carrying around the guilt from my action. How ridicules is that?

There are many things that I might wish I had done differently. There are things I might wish I had said or might wish I hadn't said. Who cares? They are all in the past and I need to stop reliving them. The past is the past and cannot be redone.

I need to focus on what is today; not yesterday or tomorrow. Today is the rebirth of all that was. It is a new beginning formed from the end of what was.

I have always had a problem using the words died or dead because I do not believe anything dies. I believe that everything , including the body, is transmuted into another form.

Yesterday a Facebook friend posted that his brother, who had been suffering from cancer, " dropped his body". What a great way of expressing his soul's transference to another realm.

Every Easter I remember that it was the day in 1967 that my father's soul left earth..

In conclusion, on this Easter Sunday 2016 I will again make a huge effort to drop the old and focus only on the new. After all I don't live in the past anymore!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I agree - life is way too short to have regrets, and yet, even as I say that, I have a few. But on;y a few. I try to live my life today in a way so that I won't regret it next month, next year, next lifetime; so far, so good! Happy Easter, Barbara! Big hugs to you and Ejay!

  2. Thank you Lois. I am very happy that things seem to be looking up a little for you.You have more courage than anyone I know!