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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Moving in

My son and his dog, Leia, have been here for about a day and a half. The moving truck was returned yesterday and everything is either stored or in its proper room. I am trying to ignore the fact that those rooms now have boxes yet to be emptied and clothes etc. scattered around. That's hard for someone who has spent years eliminating clutter. Do I really need another lesson in acceptance? I don't think so!

There is one box, containing important stuff, including his cell phone charger that is still missing. Electronic equipment such as his large screen TV and computers are having some problems getting used to New Mexico. He was applying for a job online a little while ago and his computer crashed. Personally I'm blaming it on Mercury!

The animals seem to be adjusting to each other. At least they are not trying to kill each other! The only problem so far is trying to keep their food seperated. Leia is an older dog on a special diet and medication. Ejay would pretty much eat anything if given a chance.

I suppose things will work out eventually. I have heard via the universal grapevine that when one does something nice for someone the energy comes back. One can only hope!

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