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Sunday, June 22, 2014

One more time

Wow the universal energy floating around is causing some interesting situations in my current life. It could be because mercury is still in retrograde or perhaps it is yet another test to see how far I have come on my evolvement journey. It does seem that I have been here before.

First was the unexpected move in of my oldest son. I knew it was going to happen eventually I just expected more warning. Next was the computer modem problem immediately followed by the fact that my living room TV suddenly stopped working. My son again came to my rescue and crawled under the house to replace the cable cord that had been there since 1980, thus saving me the expense of calling a Comcast repairman. We have power!

While under the house, my son, noticed a water pipe leaking. At the moment it isn't a huge problem, but it would have become one. I called a plumber who will repair it in a day or so. Nobody wants a plumber to come on the weekend!

Next I got a phone call informing me that my writing camp co-worker will be in the hospital all week because she just had surgery to remove a tumor she didn't know she had.

I was sorry to hear this as she is a very nice lady and the kids love her. The news brought back a recent conversation in which I said, "I can't do this alone". She replied, "Yes you can." Now I have no choice!

Over the weekend I was also informed that my grandson who is one of the loyal camp participants is not going to be here for the second week of the program. He is going to spend the next month with an uncle and aunt in Georgia. My first reaction to this news was not good. Then I realized what a great educational opportunity this will be for him. He is going to be in Phylidelphia for July 4th. Can't get much closer to real history than that! So I wish him well and hope he has a wonderful trip.

So as I ready myself one more time for the last week of the 2014 writing camp tomorrow I can't help reflecting on the things that have happened during the last week. Ordinarily I would have been more than a little upset, but I am not. Perhaps it is because I see the pattern of opportunities to grow one more time.

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