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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ask me anything

I found out one not only has to ask the right question of the right person, but determination helps too!

After my son moved in and tried to use his computer we discovered my internet reception was not working properly. Two calls to my provider pretty much told us I needed a new modem. Wonderful! We have no computer store in Grants now and I decided not to order one from Century Link because it would have taken days to have it shipped. They did not inform us that they wanted us to order from them, when a representative gave us the password and login to install a new modem. If they had I would have done that.

\ Instead we ordered another brand from Best Buy which clearly said that it was compatable with my provider's system. Yesterday we made the 150 mile round trip to Albuquerque to pick up the modem, returned and after trying to install it, we once again had to call my provider for help. We needed the password and login again. The representative gave us the wrong one and we were right back where we had started from. Except now I had a new modem that wouldn't work and I could not return it because the package had been opened. One might say I was pissed off!

This morning I told my son I refuse to make another call to this company and talk to another idiot. I chose to use their chat site, where I simply stated what I needed and waited for an answer. After about half an hour I was given exactly what we needed, no questions, no shit, just the facts!

Within a few minutes the new modem was installed and is working just fine. Instead of a speed of 800 I am now getting over 1500.

All I needed was to ask the right question of the right person- with added determination!

One good thing about our trip to Albuquerque was that we dropped off 3 large bags containing clothes my son needed to get rid of at Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Yay!

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