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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just when I thought everything was set

Today marks the third day of our two week children's Writing Camp. As of last week, I thought I had at least the first week set. That was until I got a phone call from my co-worker informing me that the person scheduled to focus on art today would need to postpone until the second week of the camp. His partner had a heart attack. He did offer a substitute who turned out to be a wonderful local artist. She not only provided the students with something to write about, but also gave them an opportunity to learn to paint with water colors.

This years camp is giving me a personal opportunity to realize that I still need to relax and allow room for change. My co-worker and I are a good fit. I admit that I am a perfectionist and she is a whatever happens person.

Because our camp is free the number of kids we have each day varies. Since the parents aren't paying attendance is not taken as seriously as if they were. We have debated about charging a fee and decided not to because our goal is to offer help and not make a profit. This is our third year so we don't feel we can change that now. We are still debating about doing a fourth year.

Not knowing who will participate from day to day is a little disturbing to me, although I am trying to adopt my co-worker's attitude of whatever happens- happens. I have done my best to come up with things to inspire others, the rest is not up to me.

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