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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The spirits speak

Six days before my life changes yet again and my son, Jeff, moves in, bag, baggage and dog. I have spent the last week cleaning out closets etc. to make room for the change. The last room to be rearranged was originally called the "new room" when it was built as an addition to my house in 1980. Until now it has never fully realized its potential.

When I had finished working on it something caused me to take pictures of the room, which will now give Jeff a space of his own to chill out or whatever he chooses to do. It will also allow me to keep my living room area as it is, allowing me my own space to hang out. The pictures I took caused a wow on my part. I have always been aware of spiritual energy in my home, but the number of orbs in the pictures was amazing and I took it as a yes this is exactly what I was supposed to do. You can judge for yourself.

The kitchen will be community space and thank goodness Jeff also likes to cook. Perhaps that is an inherited gift from my father, who was a chef and at one time owned his own restaurant in Olympia, WA, called the "Cracker Box" . I was just a child and my memories are of the juke boxes on the tables. My favorite song was, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". For some reason I also remember a friend of my parents who used to pretend to eat napkins. Strange what we remember from the past.

It seems the spirits are speaking loud and clear. All I have to do is listen and follow their lead.

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