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Monday, February 25, 2013

Opening up anew

Several years ago I ordered business cards to help promote the creative projects I was working on at the time. They were very basic. I remember that my mother liked them because they were green and she said it represented money. It didn't quite work out that way though. Eventually they were used up and I began making my own on my computer, a few at a time, so that I could change them when I wanted to. Again they just offered basic information and were a little on the boring side.

Because of recent developments I decided to order new business cards. Something told me I needed to take my writing and possibly even my photography a little more seriously now. Not sure why, but I have learned to follow my intuition, even when I don't really know the reason. I have lost track of the number of times I have thought, oh that's why I have that or did that. Often as the light goes on it is pretty comical.

I found the website Vistaprint and began creating something brand new from scratch. First I had to choose a business name and settled on Cibola Images. Cibola is the NM County I live in. I had used it in the past and it still fits for both my free lance writing projects and photographs. Next I scrolled through a multitude of logos until I landed on the perfect image. It was a simple pink lotus blossom. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the one. I am very happy with the way the cards turned out.
Yesterday I began thinking about the logo I had chosen and out of curiosity did a little research on the pink lotus blossom. I was not disappointed with my findings. First of all pink is generally accepted as representing love.

The lotus plant belongs to the Nelumbo genus and has long been associated with purity, rebirth and divinity. It has significant meaning in several older religions. In Buddhism it is a sign of purity of speech, body and mind; in Hinduism beauty; associated with the sun in Egyptology and has been incorporated into the newer Bahai faith.

An interesting fact about the lotus plant is that it grows basically in mud, flowers during the day, returns to the mud at night and flowers clean again the next day.

All of the gods and goddesses of Hinduism are associated with a pink lotus flower and it is considered the most divine and only awarded to those of the highest standing. It is a symbol of a person who has awakened to spiritual reality. The heart of the lotus is considered to be the purist in Buddhism and it is believed that people should strive to be like the opened blossom. The soul is also said to be within the heart of the lotus.

The pink lotus flower also represents ones heart. When the flower is a bud it is synonymous with a person who has yet to step up to spirituality. The fully opened flower represents a full sense of enlightenment.

Now that I know what the pink lotus blossom represents I am thrilled that I was guided to make such a meaningful choice. Possibly it means for me an opening up anew of wondrous adventures.

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