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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spirits speak

Yesterday I was talking to a lady who owns a local business about the possibility of using the spirit photographs I have been taking since about 2000 to create an event to help bring customers into her very old establishment. I have been looking for just the right place to educate people that this life is not all there is. We do not die, we are transmuted to another form again and again.

I have known for a year that this particular store is the exact one that I was waiting for. The problem then was twofold. First a couple of people were renting the portion of the store where I clearly saw the event taking place and as a result an existing  partition was causing a cramped space. The problem was solved when I recently discovered the renters had moved out and the wall has been removed.

A little more patience on my part is still required, but I planted a very healthy seed in the mind of the owner of the store and she is digesting the information. To present a strong case I left her with copies of two of my best spirit photographs to show her husband.

While we were talking I discovered we had some spirit experiences in common. Neither of us actually see spirits, well I did see my maternal grandfather once, but not sure that counts. We do; however both feel their presence. She told me about an experience when her late husband died of feeling his spirit was sitting on her mattress. She said it was not scary, but felt peaceful. I had the very same experience when my father died in 1967. That was way before I knew I was going to be taking photos of spirits on a regular basis.

I suppose if I was open enough I could actually see them, but I am not sure I am ready to have one sit in my living room having a face to face conversation. I agreed to take pictures, but that is as far as I am willing to go right now. It's not that I am afraid exactly, well okay there is a little fear of the unknown involved.

I did have a funny spirit experience a few years ago. One night I became a little uneasy sensing spirits in a room in my house that I do not often use. I'm sure the spirits were rolling on the floor with laughter when I locked the door to keep them out of the rest of the house. I suppose even spirits need a laugh once in a while.

The other way I have been introduced to interesting vibes is on three different occasions I have seen words written in the sky by an unknown source that I had no doubt were for me. The first time this happened was Labor Day weekend 2001, right before 9/11. I was sitting in the park and happened to look up in the sky where several images, including a man wearing a military helmet and camouflage uniform appeared, along with a word having something to do with New York. It didn't click until after the terrorist attack on the twin towers. Then it did more than click. I believe my reaction was, Oh My God!

The second time I saw writing in the sky was the word Jesus, scrawled in a child like hand writing. I immediately knew it was telling me a close friend who had her fingers amputated due to diabetes had arrived at her destination safely. I of course,  shared the information with her family.

This morning, as I was coming home from town I noticed something written in the sky. The word contained four letters that at first I had trouble unscrambling. When I did I saw it said John. My reaction to that was OH COME ON ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It is the name of a very important person in my current life. That's all I am going to say about that.

I don't know about God, but it sure looks like someone up there somewhere has a strange sense of humor and an interesting way of speaking.

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