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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fighting/attracting germs

I have not had a cold for so many years that I forgot what it feels like, but for the last week I have been fighting a battle to stay well. I immediately looked up the natural suggestions for dealing with a viral infection because I detest taking pills. I have found that most of the time they do more harm than good.

Making a trip to the store I stocked up on juice, fruits and vegetables and of course, chicken noodle soup. Taking a suggestion from the Mayo Clinic website on colds, I stopped drinking coffee, which I already knew dehydrates and went back to drinking generous amounts of green tea. I also held off physical exercise for a couple of days. I figured my body had enough to do just fighting off unwanted germs.

I really never had a lot of congestion, just enough to be annoying and get my attention.  Tissues and cough drops are not usually a part of my everyday paraphernalia.

After writing my post "After the storm" yesterday I started feeling better. It caused me to realize that the reason my body had allowed a virus to enter was because it was too busy fighting off negative mental energy I had yet to deal with. The body is a mighty miraculous machine, but if it is overloaded with stress it is not going to work very well. There was no doubt in my mind that I had caused germs to take over what is usually a very healthy body. 

I remembered an experience while recovering from surgery in 2011. For almost two weeks a tube running from my nose down to my stomach was pumping out yucky purple stuff. One morning I asked the nurse to explain where it was coming from. She said, "Everywhere, your body has been hurt and it is weeping."

Since I know my body is the temporary place of residence for my soul my job is to keep it well by not allowing stress of any kind to take over.

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