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Friday, February 15, 2013

The day after

This morning I am thinking about what happens the day after major holidays of love and family such as Valentine's Day and Christmas. After the gifts are exchanged and the wrappings are cleaned up then what? Did the day really make any difference in your everyday life or is today back to the same old stuff? I saw a photo of the tons and tons of trash left over from the Mardi Gras celebration - wow! I hope the participants had fun making all that mess.

Most people viewing my life would think yesterday was a pretty quiet ordinary day for me. Outside of a couple of friends who took the time to send greetings nothing much happened in the way of celebrating a day that others were making such a big deal about. The small gestures I had made to express love for my fellow humans had been done the day before and I will continue to do them today. There is nothing on my calender that marks today any different than any other day.

I will admit there was one or two things I was hoping would happen yesterday, but they did not materialize. I have found that expecting other people to act in a certain way is leading to major disappointment and I am determined not to do that anymore. I do not know all the reasons others do or do not do anything. I know what I would do, based on my experiences, but I am not them.

For me today is not much different than any other day. I plan to go exercise this morning, then pick up a friend who resides in a nursing home and take her shopping and treat her to lunch. Sometime during the day I will probably do a little more writing and give my puppy some attention. The highlight of my day will no doubt be watching my grandson play basketball tonight in the second game of a three day tournament, grateful that a recent injury has healed.

I guess I would surmise that the day after is no different than the day before or the day of. Whatever will be will be and I am more than ready for what might come next.

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