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Friday, February 22, 2013

A little face lift

Looking at the calender I see it is almost spring again. Time to spruce things up and give my blog a little facelift. I like this little fellow with its perky little face. Perhaps it will remind me to choose topics that are a little more upbeat. I have spent enough time focusing on the recent changes that have taken place in my life. It is time to put those changes to good use. I cordially invite all of my readers and friends (past, present and future) to join me as I begin walking once more with a new attitude.

During my "Write On People" writing group meeting this morning I realized that, yes I am in charge, even though I am also part of the group. Just because it is my group does not mean that I have to do everything myself. It simply means that someone has to coordinate our projects and keep things moving in an orderly fashion or we would accomplish nothing. Some of the members need a little push to tap into their own creativity and there are some that occasionally need to be gently reminded to back off a little and give others some breathing room. Everyone has talent or they wouldn't be part of the group.

The same thing is happening with our communication group with the residents at Good Sam. It takes skill to encourage all the participants to speak up and share their experiences and it looks like I had that skill all the time. Maybe it is because I was for so many years the one who was fearful of expressing myself, the one who always stood back, the one most likely to get sucked into negative addictions belonging to others. Having been there I know exactly how that feels and it puts me in a position of being able to better spot the ones that need a little push. I know it is never too late to change your ways no matter how old you are. You just have to be willing.

With gratitude to every single soul who helped me along the way I look forward to new adventures full of fun and laughter and a lighter way of learning/teaching.

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