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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A mole in the hand of God

Since February of 1999 my life has been tossed and turned by two of the most unscrupulous men any woman would ever want to meet. I have asked God to help me understand why me. Today I know the answer and I am taking it as a huge compliment to my strength of character and to my direct unwavering connection to my Creator. I am a mole in the hand of God.

For some time it has been clear to me that my life has been much like a smorgasbord of experiences that have allowed me to take a picture of things from the inside and share them with others. I am certainly not going to rehash everything that has happened over 75 years. You will just have to take my word for my take on my life.

First there came the local hypnotist, who although did help me end a 40 year nicotine addiction,  also played mind games with me for years. I was not the only one. It was his mission to seek out females, who had self-esteem issues and take whatever he could manage from them.  When the time was right he then dropped each of them like a lead balloon, laughing all the way to his next target.

Ahaa, but being the very talented writer that I am I got even. The first half of my first book, Wake Up!, is all about him and his self-centered games. I also did not hesitate to counteract his moves by blabbing what I knew to everyone we knew and did not leave out local television interviews on the subject of holistic charlatans. I felt I owed it to all the women he had "screwed" along his way. I must admit I enjoyed every single second I spent publicly harassing him. You might say it was my payment. It also appears that the universe added its own brand of punishment. Eventually everyone he loved the most died, one by one, and he recently suffered a brain tumor- karma?

Number two on my list is my most recent escape from hell. Because I am not only a very good writer, but I have also gained some smarts of my own along my path, I will neither identify him by name nor the group he represents.

This unscrupulous being arrived through the door of a mutual Facebook friend back in 2009. Actually, because of all the posts I have written about him I don't think I need to go into a lot of detail. Let's just say he belongs to a "so called" religious group that has received a whole lot of recent publicity involving a movie star and his ex-wife who finally woke up. Got the picture?

Please keep in mind that I have now been informed that I am a mole in the hand of God and my experiences are meant to be passed on to help others. Cool huh?

This particular experience is now over, except for the homework assignment of researching the word cult. All I have to say is, "I am very grateful that God had a firm grip on my hand during this experince"

Here we go. All cults have a leader, a self taught all knowing being who regards his belief system, ideas and practices as the only Truth, the ultimate law. The motto for any cult like group could be "us against them".

Since this leader couldn't possibly take care of everything alone (after all he only thinks he is God) one of his first acts is to clone himself. Now we have all these "little" imitations of the real thing running around looking for other souls to enlist as new members. Some of them, if they prove they can follow without questioning, have a great chance of becoming a clone of a clone. Wow what an honor that must be!

The entire group is made up of psychopaths. They have no empathy, guilt or remorse- ever! In their world  the end always justifies the means. All cult members speak the same language and use the same words repeatedly. Words such as; communication, key, one word, and us. They freely invite all questions from critics, but all answers are pre-recorded and practiced until they are automatic.

From my personal experience I know some of how cults operate. First the clone looks for a soul to target who isn't totally sure of who he/she is. The person may have gone through some recent traumatic experience that upset their basic balance. Just like Mighty Mouse the clone swoops in to the rescue. The game begins like a tug of war, the clone on one side of the rope and the target on the other.

Any mind game strategy is acceptable with the goal being to shut down critical thinking; the ability to think clearly and rationally by examining, analyzing, questioning and challenging issues. The one that really got my attention was reverse psychology, just a bit high school! Anyone who dares to disagree with the clone is immediately punished by being ignored until they reconsider the error of their ways and return to playing nice. It is the most effective way to hurt someone with low self-esteem.

The clone obtains personal information about the target from any source he can get his hands on, including friends, to use in the game. In my case I provided a copy of so much of my writing that my personal "little" clone could have written his own book on my life. Maybe that's exactly why I often thought he was psychic.

In conclusion the reward for submission is: Sorry I can't go into that because the hand that was holding mine pulled me back at the last minute. I can only guess what happens to those souls who have not been chosen to be a mole in the hand of God.

Spirit photo "Hands" provided by my friend Terry Eccles

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