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Sunday, February 24, 2013

...and the award goes to

Tonight is Oscar night! Wow all that money, all those beautiful gowns and fabulous jewels spent on one night of expected bliss as the words are spoken ...and the winner is.

There can only be one winner in each category. What about all those who put their heart and soul into their work and are not recognized? Don't they count too? I think they do, maybe even more so than the ones who the judges make a big deal about. I am always for the under dog. Those who passionately put everything they have into what they do are my kind of people. Even if their goal of being accepted and recognized is not realized they have touched and inspired many other souls on their journey up.

I don't see many movies, but the ones that have inspired me in the last few years are the animated jewels that have been presented. They all take life's challenges and present them in a very acceptable form.

First there was Nemo, about a brave little fish who got himself into serious trouble simply because he wanted to know what was out there beyond the safety of his home. Then there came Happy Feet about a new born penguin who lacked the singing talent of the rest of his tribe. He passionately spent his life trying to teach everyone he knew how to tap dance. Who could forget Wall-E? A special robot who fell in love with a female robot and followed her into space, changing their destiny and the destiny of the world.

These are my kind of movies. The ones who quietly spread their message about peace and hope and love.

I will probably watch the Oscars tonight just to see all the splendor because it reminds me that the things that really count in my life don't require money. 

My favorite movie of all time is Love is a Many Splendored Thing, with William Holden and the beautiful Jennifer Jones. Here is the song from that movie. Enjoy!

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