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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After the storm

When the storm is over, whether it is actual or only produced by my imagination, what is the next logical step? What happens immediately after the storm?

After a deep breath is taken and possibly a few left over tears are shed for what could have been, the assessment starts. I look in my mirror and note that on the outside I look pretty much the same as I did before all the turmoil of the storm.

What about on the inside? The part that is often hidden or camouflaged from the rest of the world. Is it still in tact? Did it weaken or grow stronger as the result of the challenge of standing up and fighting for the right to live in a way that does not offend my soul?

Have I left the battle ground clean with no left over anger? Am I able to see that the storm, although  turbulent at times was a necessary element for me to remember just how strong I am and help me to erase previous fears that have kept me a prisoner in my own life?

As I pick myself up and look around, after the storm, am I still able to see and feel gratitude and love?

Yes I AM!

To end this post I am sharing a video of a lovely song titled After the Storm by Mumsford & Sons.

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