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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pure Love

On the day before Valentine's Day 2013 I find it fitting to post a beautiful love poem.

As I awoke one morning in 2000 the words to this gem were on my mind. I immediately wrote them down, as I knew they would be lost if I did not. For years I refused to take credit for it, believing it was channeled from a source that I assumed was outside of my being. Because of recent spiritual growth I now believe it came directly from my soul mind to be shared with the world. Over the years it has been given as a personal gift to others to mark occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. Also, over the years it has had several titles, settling on Pure Love.

The poem could be used to celebrate many relationships including:
between lovers
husband and wife
parent and child
teacher and student
between friends
the creator and the created

Pure Love

I will love you forever and ever
I will defend you against your enemies
I will support you when you are hurt
I will warn you when I see danger
I will teach you anything I know
I will listen quietly as you teach me
I will pray with you and for you
I will hold you if you need comfort
I will feed you when you are hungry
I will help you live but I will not live for you
I will respect your right to your freedom
I will love you forever and ever.

Barbara Loure` Gunn 2000

The reason I am sharing this poem a day before Valentine's Day is to give permission to anyone to copy  and share it. I only ask for credit as the author.

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