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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Take me or leave me

Once again I find it necessary to firmly state that this blog is a journey of my life. It shares real life experiences with real friends and associates I  meet along the way. It mixes facts and personal opinions with a generous spoonful of humor. I do not claim to be an expert on anything, not even my own life, as I am still learning and growing. If anyone has a problem with that perhaps they should stop right here and find something else to read. Bon voyage!

I have been called many things since I became a free lance writer, but the one I think I like the best is instigator. Yep, that would be me. I admit I love stirring things up just a bit. Sometimes it is the only way to motivate those people who live on a very high mountain above everyone else to come down and see how the rest of us live. You know the ones I mean. They have gone some through some kind of life change and all of a sudden they know how to fix everyone else. Well I have news for those people- God does not make junk! Some of us might need some minor repairs now and then, but we are not broken.

Looking around at my life I see that I am now attracting a whole bunch of people who just can't wait to share their personal stories with me, many of them are shared on the social media Facebook. I believe I am at least partly responsible for some of what is now out there because I am not afraid to share and take responsibility for everything, including less than perfect choices that I have made. The past is the past and is there so that we will have a better future.

There really is no point in hiding behind anything or anyone else because there is at least one entity in this big wide universe who knows the TRUTH.

So my friends and readers if you like what you read I'll be back soon. Right now I plan to go watch my grandson's playoff basketball game. Have a great Saturday you all!

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