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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The universe is filled with people who are all equipped with a brain, well most of them anyway! Each person uses that unique tool to make decisions, based on life experiences, which creates their comfort zone.  Sometimes I  look at someone and think- seriously?!

It seems to me that some people are so brain centered they forget they have a heart. Then there are the people who are so heart centered they forget they have a brain. It reminds me of the scarecrow and the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. They both needed the courage of the lion to balance their lives.

When we are new born humans all the pieces work together pretty well. It is our job to fill them up as the body grows. It would be nice if everything stayed balanced, but that rarely happens.

This is my opinion and you are welcome to follow along if you choose to do so. Every experience we have, every person we meet slowly manages to screw things up a little at a time, until we either become heart centered or brain centered; in other words unbalanced

At pivotal points in our life someone with a strong personality that is impossible to ignore will intercede and give us the opportunity to straighten up a bit. Mitch Albom wrote about these people in his wonderful book The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  I can easily identify at least two of those souls in my life.

These encounters are a little like going to a chiropractor. You know you are in pain and you need an adjustment, but you fear the procedure will hurt. Some people go willingly and some fight every step of the way. The result is usually worth the temporary discomfort though.

Strangely what I found in the two experiences I can recall is that I learned to balance my brain and heart,  while the teacher was left behind; leaving me to observe that life and think to myself- seriously?!

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