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Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm retired do it yourself!

I am sure I gave my guides, along with all the angels listening in, right up to the top entity in charge reason to jointly heave a giant sigh of relief this morning when I finally understood why I so vividly recall two of my past lives.

For months I have fretted because the other soul involved in those two lives, and an online friend in this life, had no clue. I thought it was a huge universal joke. How can I be so positive and he be so clueless? It didn't seem fair until I realized this morning that what he recalled or didn't recall didn't matter in the slightest. It also finally made sense why I didn't know what he looked like until recently. It was not supposed to be a physical experience; although it did at times involve the heart, as in caring about him. That could have been an unforeseen accident; guides have been known to make mistakes now and then.

It was all about the lesson being offered and if I hadn't taken so much time worrying about details that didn't matter, I may have learned it sooner.

I was supposed to see that our current relationship mirrored issues present in the two past lives. It all had to do with control; mostly my always taking responsibility for things that were never mine to deal with in the first place. This time the universe cleverly switched our roles and I became the soul who was manipulated by a control freak. Let me tell you I didn't like it one little bit. It reminded me of the saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes. My feet hurt!

Apparently walking that mile did the trick because changes have been happening in my life and I no longer feel the need to live anyone's life but my own. One life at a time is plenty. I have a little handmade sign that hangs by my front door that reads: I'm retired do it yourself!  

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