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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feed back with a smile

About a month ago I wrote a blog post regarding a request I had received from the spirit world from a friend who left earth in 2007. As I stated at the time, I do not hear voices it is simply a knowing; a gentle way of communication. My friend Barbara H. asked me to bake a batch of heart shaped sugar cookies topped with cinnamon candies and give them to the adoring husband she had left behind. I happily complied with her request. Along with the Valentine cookies I included a card with a detailed explanation of who they were from.

I hadn't seen John until this morning when  he stopped to talk to me in the grocery store. He sincerely thanked me for the cookies and the card. I told him I hoped it had not upset him and he told me that he smiled every time he ate one of the cookies.

In parting I said, "You know she did it right?"

John smiled and replied, "Yes, but YOU didn't have to do what you did."

Did he really think I was going to ignore a request from a spirit that strong? No way!

Knowing that I had made him happy and no doubt Barbara happy made me smile all morning. I know there are those who do not believe it is possible to communicate with deceased souls, but I am not one of them.

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