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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eyes to see

Yesterday I wrote about a visit to our local nursing home and shared what I saw. Others making the same visit might have had a totally different picture. My eyes saw a room full of very positive people doing exactly what made them happy.

Yesterday I also re-posted a painting on facebook of a young lady sadly staring at a musical instrument with a broken string. I made the comment "learn to sing". A person who believed he knew what the artist was saying corrected me by offering his own idea. I would have just let it go except that in his reply he used the words "it isn't complicated", which I took as inferring that my view was incorrect.

No two people ever see the same thing. It is as simple as that. Our view of anything is based upon our own experiences. There is no right or wrong just different.

I have a friend who has dealt with major heart problems over the last couple of years. Most people would look at him and think "that poor man". Having observed his method of dealing with his challenge over time I look at the same man and think "what a great man". He will be fighting with all he has and a ton of humor until the day his challenge is over. He never gives up. Go Tim go!

A female friend has dealt with a serious weight problem most of her life. One day her eyes saw the person she knew she could be and she set out to be that person. She lost over 100 lbs in a year and is still inspiring others to follow her on a path to good health. She saw what she wanted and never gave up even though at times her body resisted. Go Jaylene go!

 I believe through my writing and personal connections I am inspiring others to be the best that they can be. I look for the positive in others and try to promote that. People sometimes need someone to help them believe in their-self. I am happy to be that person because it costs me nothing. I know professionals often look for what they see as the negatives in clients and try to fix them. In my opinion that is not the best way to help someone.

Maybe that's what is wrong with most religions. The eyes of those in charge see the congregation as being made up of broken people that just don't quite measure up to the Creator. That's basically why in recent years my "church" has moved outside. My eyes and their eyes no longer see the same thing and never will again.

This Sunday morning I was thinking about another friend who also believes he is helping others, but from a totally different eye level as mine. I finally saw the reason we always butt heads. This realization inspired me to write the following.

I look for positives and try to promote them.
You look for negatives and try to fix them.
No wonder we aren't on the same page,
We aren't even writing the same book.
You enjoy being you I'm happy being me.

Go me go!

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