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Friday, March 29, 2013

Stop blaming me

Good Friday, a day when a whole lot of people are focusing on death. I am taking the day to focus on living and eliminating anything or anyone who is causing me to take the blame for things that are not my fault. I proclaim this stop blaming me day.

Since I was a child I have taken the blame for the actions of others. I never quite got the message that what you choose to do is your fault/responsibility- not mine. I make enough mistakes (faulty decisions) on my own. I don't need to assume the blame for yours too.

My posts are inspired by my life experiences and are written with the help of my universal guides. On this special day I have a suggestion for anyone who does not like what I write- don't access my blog! If you just follow this simple suggestion we will both be free to live a much happier life. Enough said! 

Yesterday my dog, Ejay, helped me to have a different opinion of blame. Because he kept coming into the house with dirty feet and legs I assumed he was trying to dig under my chain link fence. With the help of my grandson I checked every inch of the rather large area and found no evidence of an attempted escape. At that point I looked down at Ejay, who had been following us, and saw that his legs were a telltale color of the reddish dirt our area is famous for. He hadn't been digging after all. His legs were dirty from walking through the dried tumbleweeds along the back of the fence. My next move is to find someone who can help me eliminate the problem and stop blaming my little dog for something that wasn't even his fault.

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