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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A different view

When I first began writing back in 2000 a symbol popped into my mind one day. I knew it was something meant to be a strong message. A friend even suggested that I keep it and use it as a logo. It never became a logo, but it has always stayed in my mind. Today prompting from the universe, which I have learned not to ignore, caused me to reconstruct the symbol. In doing so and because of recent changes in my life I now have a different view of its meaning.

When this symbol first came into view I interpreted it to mean three different entities all connected.  I saw a man and a woman and God. I knew who god was and I knew who I was (well sort of), but I had no idea who the man was. I did tend to believe that the male and female were soulmates. It made perfect sense at the time.

What a difference a few years of hard work dealing with and learning the lessons that God/Source has provided for my evolvement make. Like many others I was forever looking for that third entity to complete my picture. This simple little illustration couldn't possibly be all there was to the puzzle- could it? 

Today I do still believe that the circle represents Divine guidance, but it now flows through the soul (mind) and into the rest of the picture. The triangles are not two separate entities, as I originally believed. They are two whole parts and represent the feminine and masculine side of every living being.When all of these pieces are balanced the entire illustration represents a whole perfect being; the one that was created to come to earth and actively participate in the universal changes that are now taking place. 

Although it would be like icing on a beautiful cake to connect with a male who has the same view as mine it is no longer absolutely necessary for my well being or for my purpose.

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