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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friendly feedback

I have friends from all over the world that I truly treasure. Sometimes out of the blue one of them does something that touches my heart. This happened yesterday when I received a totally unexpected response to my 3/22/13 blog post "From dependence to independence" from my friend Bob Luckin. What first attracted me to him is his beautiful art found on He recently  started writing a blog Bob has also been a life coach for many years along with a slightly unusual gift of handwriting analysis.

He is the kind of person that one could describe as "what you see is what you get". He doesn't play games and there is absolutely no pretense about him. His writing is honest, straight forward and usually offers more than a touch of humor. I don't know where his wife Judith found him, but I would like to fish in the same pond. Because he has been teasing me about the reference to footsteps found on the home page of my blog I was not prepared for his positive feedback of my work that he offered yesterday. I would now, with his permission, like to share his words with my readers.

"I believe in you. I see you standing at the top of the mountain. I know that spirit is with you, within you and is guiding you. You have over the past few years accomplished a great deal. To be in a place where you can reflect, use what has happened to you and continue to grow is nothing less than a miracle, unless you believe that spirit is always guiding you and I know you believe this. I am inspired by your growth, your courage and your honesty."

I feel very grateful to have a friend like Bob Luckin who took the time to notice and comment on what I have accomplished. Please check out his Websites you won't be sorry.

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