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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Short Circuit

The next time we have an electric storm I think I will attach an antenna to my head and stand in the pouring rain, looking heavenward. Perhaps it will short circuit my habitual responses to people close to me who think I am less than I know I am.

Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests,"What other people think of me is none of my business" and Don Miguel Ruiz teaches,"Don"t take anything personally". That's a little hard to grasp when someone is in my face calling me names loud enough for others to hear. My knee-jerk response has always been anger, hurt and wondering what I did to cause such a negative point of view from this person. Followed of course, by examining my life to see if the offensive soul could possibly be right in their opinion.

Just because I have always reacted that way, assuming the role of the victim, does not mean I have to continue on that path. Anybody can change if they really want to. When our reaction to an experience causes us to think less of our self it is time to stop and change course. Believing anything someone else believes about us is the same as giving them permission to live our life.

Maybe I don't really need to stand in the rain, with an antenna on my head, in an electric storm, to short circuit my habitual responses. Perhaps I just need to picture the absurdity of letting someone else live my life. There is only room in my body for me!


  1. Barbara,

    Please don't stand out in the pouring rain in an electrical storm with an antenna attached to your head....what a visual this is....of course I had to laugh at it as it is clever and full of wit!
    I love what Dr. Wayne Dyer says "What others think of me is none of my business".
    That is the best!
    Who cares what others think of is only there perception seen through their eyes.
    If it is a negative perception, oh well.
    You know the truth of who you are and that is all that truly matters.
    Others try to hurt us because they are hurting.
    This brings home something a wonderful woman I know who told me "It is none of my business what their soul chooses"!
    This coupled with Dr Wayne Dyer's advice says EVERYTHING!
    We all need to focus on ourselves and what our soul requires, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. As usual, thanks for your comment Maria. Don't worry I couldn't find an antenna that fit my head!!
    Your "wonderful woman" was right. Each soul has to choose for itself. Getting in the way just screws everything up!