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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pure Love

Pure love just is- it needs no explanation, but when we ask for understanding it will be given. Last night I asked the Universe to help me understand why I had experienced the ultimate spiritual love connection with a male soul; that being his twin flame soulmate. He did not feel the same toward me. It made absolutely no sense. I knew I hadn’t made it up nor was I crazy.

I have now been given the answer. IT WAS A PERSONAL GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE TO ME and had very little to do with any other soul. Receiving this gift taught me how it feels to love from the heart, using no other body parts.

Out of all the souls currently inhibiting a human body, this man was chosen to assist the Universe in delivering this magnificent gift of love. It reminds me of something that occurred while I was a columnist interviewing a friend for his life story. I believe I am to share it to make my point.

Hank had served in Vietnam and as a result carried around much mental baggage. His most stressful memory was that of being shot at while occupying a fox hole with a young soldier. Hank lived; the young man died in his arms.

While listening to him express his unresolved anger about this incident a message came to me to give him. It was, “Hank, of all the soldiers on that battlefield, you were the one chosen to help this young man die.”

His view immediately changed and I could feel his anger with God/Source diminishing. I promised Hank I wouldn’t put this information in his story, which I didn’t, but it seems it is now time to share it with other souls.

Pure love needs no explanation it just is!


  1. Barbara,

    This is beautiful!

    Love in it's essence is whole, warm, profound,freeing,and full of TRUTH!


  2. Profound is an excellent description Maria, much like feeling that your heart will burst!

  3. Messages are all around us we just need to learn to read them correctly.