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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Archangel Gabriel

My recent posts have been guided by the Archangel Gabriel, who helps writers write and teachers teach. It is a wonderful feeling to consciously become aware of such powerful and learned assistance. It is also very flattering to know that my writing has caught his attention.

In addition to his help with my blog he recently tried to help me with a situation involving an on again off again male friend. I have felt for some time that this man and I have a strong spiritual bond. Since the relationship is in the on position at the moment I asked "spirit" to express their opinion. That's where Archangel Gabriel came into the picture.

The most important part of asking for assistance is to listen to the advice. We humans always seem to think we know best. After all it is our life. If only I had paid attention to the advice offered I would probably not be writing this post today. I was told straight out that although the man in question and I do have a very strong spiritual bond, he is not who I am seeking. I was also informed that he has many relationship issues that will not be settled in this life time.

Did I listen? Of course not! I continued to try to make the relationship work by giving it another chance. After hearing from him today I finally realized Gabriel was absolutely right. He will never let down the draw bridge to his castle. His friendship simply comes with a higher price than I am willing to pay.

The next time I am offered advice from an Archangel I am going to listen and act accordingly!

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