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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Human Bridge

Yesterday I was a participant in a wondrous Universal experience that I believe I am to share to help others believe in the power of following their intuition. I have a friend who has known since she was a teenager that she is an “earth angel”. She has a strong connection with angels who reside in another realm. I do not doubt that she has the ability to receive messages from them. Her job is to pass them on to her fellow humans. She is much like a human bridge between the unseen and the seen. Even though she has been given a very special spiritual gift she asks the angels to always “keep me humble.”

She and I understand we are messengers, each in our own way. Sharing our spiritual gifts with one another has provided a close friendship that we have come to appreciate. Lately I have been having a concern with my relationship with someone else. I know how I feel, but I do not know how the other person feels. The gap in knowledge is bothering me- a lot! I finally followed my intuition and asked my earth angel friend if she had any feelings about this matter. She said she would ask her angels and get back to me.

Yesterday she did just that and the answer was more than I anticipated- much more. It seems her source, which I had assumed were ordinary angels, turned out to be the Archangels Gabriel and Raphael no less!! Wow do I ever feel special!

The information they offered made perfect sense in every detail. Gabriel told me exactly what I needed to do if I wanted to wake up my sleepy friend. Both Archangels added their thoughts about what could happen in the future with this person. I did exactly what Gabriel suggested that I do. I am certainly not going to argue with Archangels. What happens next is not up to me nor Gabriel or Raphael. I need to trust Source/God that it will be for the highest good of everyone involved.

I have had some previous experience with Archangels and I know they listen to us when we sincerely ask for help. After I did what I was asked to do I referred to Doreen Virtue’s book Angels 101, refreshing my memory on these particular angels. I found that Raphael, whose name means “he who heals”, guides healers and would be healers. He is one of only three sainted Archangels. The others are Gabriel and Michael. Gabriel, whose name means “messenger of God”, helps messengers such as, writers, teachers and journalists.

As I was sitting at my computer, absorbing the experience and looking at items hung on my wall, my eyes landed on a 12” long dark yellow wooden angel I had purchased at the dollar store. My reaction was- oh my God! Part of the information I had just read in the angel book said Gabriel's color is dark yellow. Adding to my amazement, there is a mate to this wooden angel hanging outside my front door. Believe it or not, it is green, the color represented by Raphael.

Even though my “earth angel” friend is simply a bridge she is a mighty strong one. Thank you Angels for your help!

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