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Friday, February 4, 2011

Patience Yuk!!

My water problem or lack of running water still exists and there isn't a thing I can do about it except be patient. The best I could do was place my name on a plumber's list. Patience yuk!

There are people in worse situations due to our unusually cold weather and I try to keep that in mind. Many residents in surrounding cities have no natural gas and are having to go to centers just to keep warm. I have a nice warm house and plenty of food so I guess continuing patience is not a big deal.

The good thing is the weather is supposed to warm up. Maybe by the time the plumber gets to my name my pipes will have thawed and he will simply repair the one that burst and my life will get back to normal.

When things like this happen I always try to remember that there are those who don't even have a home. I'm thinking in particular of a man who wanders around town every day with everything he owns in a backpack. I often see him in the morning as I drive to the center to walk. I pray he has found shelter and is safe. Nobody deserves to live like that.

If a lack of patience is the only thing I have to deal with during the worst weather of recent years I am grateful that the Universe is looking out for me.

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