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Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't Stomp On My Flowers

In 1960 a movie starring Doris Day and David Niven came out titled Please Don't Eat the Daisies. I don't remember the exact plot, except that it was about relationships and setting boundaries. Thinking about the title formulates a picture of a field of beautiful flowers.

I believe each soul when born into a human life begins to develop a flower garden in their allotted space. It is up to each being during their time on earth to not only plant the seeds, but to fertilize, cultivate and properly care for their personal garden so that they will leave earth a little more beautiful than when they came.

On this day, February 18, 2011 there are approximately 6,900,749,011 souls in the world, according to available statistics. That number increases by 80 million each year. That's a humongous number of flower gardens being planted each day!

That number also produces an incredible amount of opportunities for other souls to stomp on the flowers in our garden anytime they choose to do so. For the protection of what belongs to us, it is our responsibility as caretakers to set guidelines and boundaries; so that the seeds we plant will thrive abundantly.

To promote good relationships other souls should be allowed to enter our spectacular garden, enjoy the beauty offered, savor the fragrances, appreciate the potpourri of color and even gently caress a blossom now and then. Other souls, no matter who they are or how important they may believe themselves to be, should never be allowed to stomp on our flowers.


  1. Barbara,

    Your Garden is filled with an array of Vibrant flowers that transcend the colors of the rainbow.

    You, Barbara, are the Gardener who nourishes her plants, seeds, and dirt to spring forth the most stunning flowers you would ever want to see.

    Flowers of the soul!

    Barbara, Your Garden is a colorful reflection of your beautiful soul!

  2. ...and so is yours Maria!
    Remember that during the challenging experience you will be soon facing. Do not let anyone else, no matter who they are, stomp on your flowers!!!!!!!!