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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Everything

I have finally realized that my “everything” is my soul and every other relationship that has ever been part of my life is temporary; to provide an experience only available as a human. Some relationships last for years and others end with the blink of an eye. No matter the length, they are all necessary for our growth.

As I reflect on my past relationships, I notice that the souls I did not like when I first met them are the very ones that eventually became good friends. It is an odd observation that has caused me to contemplate why that is true. My best answer is that one or both of us grew because of the lessons the relationship offered.

I have often said that God/Source is the biggest people user there ever was. I believe that is why we are here. We are mixed and matched over and over to help each other evolve. I also believe that is why we are all alike, yet different. It is much like baking a batch of cookies, some are underdone, some are overdone and some are just right, but they all came from the same dough.

When the time comes to let go of a relationship that has provided love it is difficult, but it is also necessary. It is important to realize that the soul has more work to do, whether on earth or in another realm. The only relationship that is ours to keep forever is the one we have with our soul.

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