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Monday, February 21, 2011

Use Your Heart

I follow several blogs and have many friends on Facebook who offer wisdom to live by. The words that really get my attention were written from the heart of the author who knows exactly what he/she is doing. When a writer writes from their heart it resonates with the hearts of readers and often makes a difference in their lives.

What a beautiful gift to not fear sharing personal thoughts with others. I believe it is much like the lyricists who wrote some of the older songs. Some are still listened to today. They weren't just loud noises offending the eardrums. They had heart and offered messages to live by.

I am very happy that I waited until this period in my personal growth to begin writing because I do use my heart to share personal experiences with readers. Sometimes there is an advantage in being part of the older generation. I have had a lot more personal experiences to share and until someone stops me, I'm going to keep on doing exactly what I am doing- writing from my heart!

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