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Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year Gift

Today I am sharing with my readers a post I wrote on Facebook yesterday. It received such great response that I decided to increase its audience in the hope that it will start off your New Year with positive vibes.

the post:
Let's clear the air.
I have a suggestion for anyone who has leftover negative energy with a person no longer living a human life. Write the person a letter, saying all the things you never had a chance to say. Next, read it back to yourself.Then burn it sending loving thoughts into the Universe.
If we all did this the air would be much cleaner.

Now, I thought I had an original idea. Apparently I have simply moved more solidly into the company of souls who have been evolved longer than I have. That's great! It means I am learning, which is exactly what we are all here for.

Priscill and Cheryl said they have used this technique for years, sharing it with friends and clients who are in distress. They both added that it can be used for anyone here in physical form or not.

Deborah took it even further, having used the technique for over 40 years herself. She said it can also be used to release clearing with institutions, situations and relationships. She suggested treating them as an entity and writing to them.

Susan's comment made me laugh. She said she was going to try it on "unreceptive living humans". Go Susan!!

I never tell anyone to do anything that I am not willing to do myself. After I came up with what I thought at the time was my idea, I cleared out the negative energy from my own life. I started with a soul who has not been in human form since 1987 and moved up to the present. When I had finished I felt free. I now have room in my life for positive energy.

Remember I am simply a messenger, passing on what I learn to my fellow humans. Happy New Year to all who read my words!

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