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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Use Your Own Twist

About a year ago I became friends with a woman from Jamaica. We communicated online for awhile and eventually decided we should create an inspirational website together. We each already had our own blogs as a stepping stone. Instead of approaching the idea slowly as I had suggested, Dawn forged ahead without my knowledge and set it up. When I saw what she had done I also saw that it would never work. Although we had similar messages we each had a unique twist on how the message should be offered.

I did not understand at the time that we really were not a vibrational match. My decision to fore go the joint website and concentrate on my blog angered Dawn and ended our brief friendship. Lately I have been thinking about her and wondering how her part of the idea played out in her life.

For me I am quite pleased with my little spot in the universe. It is plain and simple and gives me an opportunity to share my own twist on things with anyone who cares to listen. I am quite aware that many of my posts do come from my subconscious mind and I always give credit when I have used original thoughts expressed by others. It is the honest thing to do.

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